Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis Pose With Their TRUE Trophies After Winning at the Olympia


Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis share more in common than just being Olympia champions.


For many, glory can take a great many forms. For some it means winning a medal, one that proves to the world that you have officially made it, that you are the king and that you’ve beaten out the competition. For bodybuilding the highest honor is to win the Olympia title, the true Gold standard.


But while winning the Olympia may be the most important goal for a bodybuilder, the reality is that there are so many things that are far more important in the great scheme of things. After all, one can’t remain Olympia champion for all time.


Olympia champions Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis both showed their true character after winning in their respective divisions. The reality is that for men with families, there is no greater honor than being a father. Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis may be two of the best bodybuilders on the planet, but it’s their daughters that are the source of their strength and give them drive to continue pushing forward despite the brutal nature of preparing for show.


When asked to pose with their trophies, both Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis did what was natural. They posed with their true sources of strength.

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