Did Roelly Winklaar Deserve Second Place At The Olympia?


Did Roelly Winklaar deserve second place?


It seems that after the 2018 Olympia a great deal of people weren’t satisfied with the results of the show. While you think most of that controversy would come in the form of Shawn Rhoden upsetting Phil Heath to win the Mr. Olympia title, it seems that most of the disagreements with the judging stems from the placing of Roelly Winklaar.


One of the most massive bodybuilders in the game today, Roelly Winklaar has taken his career to a new level after beginning his training in the now well regarded Oxygen Gym. Training out in Kuwait has seemed to have done wonders for Roelly Winklaar’s career and physique as he’s shown some pretty massive improvements in not only his size, but his presentation and conditioning as well. If there was a most improved award then there’s no doubt that Roelly Winklaar would earn the title.


With all those improvements, Roelly Winklaar saw himself taking third place at the Olympia, beating out other top talents like William Bonac and Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay. The Curaçao native has proven himself to be one of the best bodybuilders on the planet. Yet many fans believed that Roelly should have taken second place over the incumbent champion Phil Heath. In fact, Roelly Winklaar would go on to win the People’s Champion award at the Olympia. Suffice it to say, fans believed Roelly Winklaar deserved more after his impressive 2018 Olympia showing.


So did Roelly Winklaar deserve to beat out Phil Heath? Let’s take a look at some of their comparison photos.

At a quick glance we can determine that Phil Heath seems to be superior from the back while Roelly Winklaar has a better presentation on the front half of the body. Ultimately you wonder if these two facts cancel each other out, but ultimately it’s up to the preference of the judges. There is no definitive “better” or “worse” as everything in bodybuilding is subjective. What can’t be denied is that Roelly Winklaar certainly had the tighter waist of the two and is likely the sticking point that every fan will be commenting on the most.


Do you think Roelly Winklaar deserved second place over Phil Heath?


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