Phil Heath Responds To Shawn Ray’s Claim That Dorian Yates Is Superior


Phil Heath has something to say about Shawn Ray and his opinions on him and former Olympia champion Dorian Yates.



Becoming an Olympia champion is only the easy part. Remaining that way is an entirely different thing. That said, toppling all the other contenders in the Open Weight division isn’t some small feat to be dismissed. For reigning Olympia champion Phil Heath the journey to the top was an uphill battle as he faced off against greats like former Olympia champions Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson. Heath also had to battle against his chief rival Kai Greene a number of times while defending his champion status.


Despite all his accomplishments and accolades, Phil Heath is still not getting the respect that you believe a seven time Olympia champion would deserve. Instead, he has been compared to the champions of the past, many suggesting that he isn’t in their wheelhouse.


Recently, Shawn Ray had stated that Dorian Yates was perhaps a superior champion compared to Phil Heath, siting that the “Shadow” had to contend against more challenging contenders than the reigning champion.


That’s all a matter of opinion however and it seems that Phil Heath has a response to Shawn Ray as his estimation that Dorian Yates was a superior Olympia champion.


Who do you think was a better Olympia champion, Phil Heath or Dorian Yates?


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