Phil Heath Interview: Generation Iron Turned Me Into A Villain


Phil Heath explains how Generation Iron transformed the public opinion of him into a villain.


Phil Heath was the star of the original Generation Iron film alongside Kai Greene. It was an epic depiction of underdog vs champion that resonated with many fans of the sport. But it’s no secret that Phil Heath thought the documentary painted him in a poor light… and this is a concept that he is no revisiting in the wake of his loss during the Olympia 2018.


During a candid interview the day after the Olympia competition, Phil Heath touches on how his legacy was forever altered based on the depiction of him in the documentary. But what is interesting is that he also puts the blame on the fans – claiming that he had hoped fans would be smart enough to see through the drama of the film and understand the REAL Phil Heath.


He ties it all into the WWE and their long known tradition of “bad guys” and “good guys” in the ring. It’s all for drama and everyone has fun – but at the end of the day you need to realize that underneath it all are real people trying to be the best at their passion.

You can check out the clip in our GI News video above!




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