Owen Powell Has One of the Best Physiques You’ve Never Seen


Owen Powell is an old school beast!


These days there seems to be a bit of a shift in interest as far as divisions go in bodybuilding. While Open Weight is still the main attraction for bodybuilding fans, a great deal of interest is starting to shift to the Classic Physique division where the focus is less about extreme musculature and more about building a full and well balanced physique reminiscent of old school bodybuilders. With Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, George Peterson III, Arash Rahbar and many others generating a ton of interest in the division, the fans are beginning to see just how competitive the division is and how much farther it can go.


With the divisions popularity reaching a worldwide scale, we’re beginning to see new talents pop up around the globe. Their sole mission: become the greatest representative for the Classic Physique class and dominate the competition. One such competitor is Owen Powell.


A British bodybuilder with a ton of upside, Owen Powell is beginning to carve out a name for himself in bodybuilding as he’s built up a tremendous physique. With balanced proportions and musculature, Owen Powell shows the kind of potential that can take him far in his bodybuilding career. But more than anything it’s the man’s work ethic that has carried him a far way. With a bulletproof mindset and confidence, Owen Powell is taking his gains to new heights and the world should start to take notice.







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