Not Done Yet! Dexter Jackson is Still Working Hard in the Gym…


The fire still burns in Dexter Jackson.


The 2018 Olympia was full of surprises. Phil Heath lost his Olympia crown to Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy dropped from second to sixth place, and former Olympia champion and consistent standout Dexter Jackson fell outside the top five for the first time in years, taking seventh place. There were a ton of unexpected reversals and turn arounds that no one was expecting.


When consider the fact that Dexter Jackson is getting up in age and that he would consider putting competitive bodybuilding behind him if he fell outside the top five, you have to wonder if the fire is still burning within the veteran. Being one of the most accomplished bodybuilding competitors in history, you wonder what else is there for Dexter Jackson to do?


Well if his recent social media posts say anything it’s that Dexter Jackson still has a great deal left in the tank. The former Olympia king is hard at work in the gym and appears to be motivated as ever.

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