Nathan De Asha Looks Jacked AF As Oxygen Gym Turns Him Into A Science Experiment


Out to prove he’s the best, Nathan De Asha begins his road to Olympia.


Bodybuilders are a special kind of athlete. They push their bodies to the limit in order to grow quality muscle and prove their genetics reign supreme over all others. It’s a hard journey with very few people being able to reap the rewards, but for those who combine their work ethic with amazing genetics, they can bring about a truly impressive physique once all the fat and water are stripped away. Some have that genetic capability to allow the world to see just how unique their body type is. One of those individuals is Nathan De Asha.


While he may still be climbing the ranks in the IFBB, Nathan De Asha has already proven himself to be an absolute monster on stage. It’s hard to believe that before he found bodybuilding that Nathan De Asha was a high level soccer player. But there was something about weight training that called to him and eventually, noticing that his body responded positively to training, Nathan De Asha put his chips on the table and decided to give bodybuilding a try. Just as his genetics responded to him so too did the judges who awarded him win after win.


Still young in his career, Nathan De Asha is dreaming big and is out to obtain greatness. Rather than simply rest on his laurels, Nathan De Asha is in the gym working hard and hoping to improve his physique to astounding levels to be prepared for the Olympia this year. Looking bigger and better than ever, Nathan De Asha is looking like a champion in the making.


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