This Mass Monster Has Some of the Craziest Monster Calves In Bodybuilding History


Erik Fankhouser has some incredibly huge calves.


Genetics play a major role in a pro bodybuilder’s career. The specific body parts that are stimulated by weight training vary from person to person. Some individuals can be the total package while others have a great back or insane arms. But out of all the genetically gifted bodybuilders out there, having extremely massive and well built calves seems to be a rarity.


Enter Erik Fankhouser.

While he may not be tearing things up on the Olympia stage, Erik Fankhouser has built a considerably impressive physique. Of the body parts and muscle groups he’s commanded to grow, his calves are no doubt the highlight of his physique. They are huge and truly standout. When you consider that not even Arnold Schwarzenegger had such impressive calf development, you come to realize that Erik Fankhouser is truly an anomaly among bodybuilders.


But does he have the biggest calves in bodybuilding history. Check out the post below and judge for yourself.


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