Made A Monster! Charles Griffen Is A Next Level Muscle Beast


Charles Griffen is a mass monster.


As far as the Open Weight division is concerned, the search for the next big mass monster is constant. When Big Ramy burst onto the scene everyone was put on notice and immediately knew that the Egyptian would one day be a true threat at the Olympia. As it stands now, Charles Griffen is looking to be a beast that every should keep their eye on.


Being trained by Matt Jansen, the same man that built monsters like Dallas McCarver and currently training Nathan De Asha, Charles Griffen is proving to be cut from the same cloth. If we can say one thing about the tutelage of Matt Jansen it’s that he’s fully capable of turning normal bodybuilders into absolute mass monsters.


As he steadily rises up the ranks, Charles Griffen is proving himself to be a man to keep an eye as he prepares to put the other pros on notice. Take a look at the clip below to get an idea of how massive Charles Griffen is.

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