Laxogenin – The Leading All-Natural Muscle Maker


Science meets nature in this unusual, yet as reported by customers, highly effective natural anabolic with little to no side effects. Laxogenin is a botanical based discovery that has provided many of those looking to increase muscle mass with an amazing alternative to synthetic or hormonal agents, which have many more reported side effects. Laxogenin can be used by healthy adult men and women for increasing strength and muscle size. Below is an overview of Laxogenin, for more information and details we invite you to read the published sources used as reference at the end of this article.


5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, more commonly known simply as Laxogenin, is a plant-based anabolic building block that your body uses to help stimulate its own anabolic response with little to no androgenic effect (1). Essentially it promotes increased protein synthesis, increased strength, and increased lean mass and weight gain.


Reports show users experiencing as much as 200% more protein synthesis leading to 10-20 lbs of lean muscle gains in just two months (3), lowered cholesterol levels (5), and rapid increases in strength and endurance (3).


So why choose a natural option when there are some impressive gains being made on traditional anabolics?


Because Laxogenin doesn’t affect your body’s natural hormone production, you won’t need to take a PCT or SERM, just simply cycle off of your chosen natural anabolic for four weeks before starting a new cycle. On-cycle support isn’t required either, especially since as a natural anabolic Laxogenin is non-toxic for your organs and doesn’t affect blood pressure (1).


Similarly, you won’t require an estrogen blocker because Laxogenin doesn’t convert into estrogen, nor does it up regulate your body’s own estrogen production. Studies have shown there is little to no androgenic effect with Laxogenin (1), so excess estrogen is no longer an issue for your cycle.



  • user567
  • January 31, 2019
Let me guess where I can by this? The authors store?
  • Mack19
  • January 30, 2019
I used it for two months and had no gains it did absolutely nothing for me
  • TSMilliner
  • January 15, 2019
Sorry, meant two months. Still a ridiculous claim.
  • TSMilliner
  • January 15, 2019
10-20 lbs of lean muscle in a month is a ridiculous and unbelievable claim. Show me the science please.