Joe Rogan Praises the Carnivore Diet, Shows Off Impressive Physique

By Jonathan Salmon Generation Iron

Joe Rogan sings the praises of the carnivore diet.

With so many people jumping onto the vegan and vegetarian train these days you would think that eating meat is blasphemous. So many individuals have spread the good word about maintaining a fully plant-based diet, suggesting that eating meat leads to adverse health effects and long term illness.

While veganism has certainly picked up steam over the years, there’s another eating system that has been rising in popularity to challenge the plant-based diet.

The carnivore diet is, as the name obviously touts, a fully meat-based eating system. UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan has recently jumped on the carnivore diet train and from the sounds of things, he’s really enjoying the results.

Based on that praise for the diet you have to think that maybe there’s something to eating high quality meat. The carnivore diet gets the Joe Rogan stamp of approval which is sure to have many intrigued fans looking to try out the diet for themselves.

Are you interested in trying the carnivore diet?

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