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Jeff Nippard: Can You Build Muscle In a Calorie Deficit, Lose Fat In a Surplus?


Jeff Nippard is back with another informative video.


While broscience is an actual phenomenon in bodybuilding, the reality is that there must be a combination of science based facts coupled with real life experience. No one approach is the secret to becoming a truly impressive bodybuilder. It takes trial and error in order to really get to the heart of things.

Jeff Nippard is a man of science and not just the bro variety either. Using actual research and case studies to support his training, you can be sure that Jeff Nippard is always looking to put is best foot forwards in regards to the training information he puts out.


The latest video by Jeff Nippard tackles the idea of building muscle and losing fat in a variety of different ways. Can you build muscle on a calorie deficit? Is it possible to lose fat while on a calorie surplus? Jeff Nippard searches for the answers.


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