Hip Strength for Wrestlers: 6 Moves to Develop This Crucial Skill


The wrestling community often talks about how “good hips” can help an athlete win more matches, but few are able to describe exactly what that means beyond an ability to win scrambles. Having strong, mobile hips can help a wrestler consistently get into efficient positions and better leverage their own strength. “Your hips are the strongest part of the body; don’t leave them behind,” Oklahoma State head wrestling coach John Smith once told STACK.


The following video outlines a number of different hip-centric exercises, including Goblet Squat Duck Walks, Spiderman Stretches and Lateral Band Walks, which any wrestler can utilize to improve their hip mobility and strength.



Source: http://www.stack.com/a/hip-strength-for-wrestlers-6-moves-to-develop-this-crucial-skill?

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