As “Hell Week” Begins, Flex Lewis is Drying Out and Shows Off Insanely Shredded Back


At the start of “Hell Week” Flex Lewis is looking impressive.


The 2018 Olympia is just nine days away, which means this week is the beginning of “Hell Week”, the final intense round of preparation for all the athletes in the big show. Competitors will be pushing their bodies and minds to the limit, training intensely while at the same time depleting themselves of water in order to get extremely shredded before the big show.


Dominating the 212 Division with an iron fist for years now, James ‘Flex’ Lewis has grown used to the process of building up his physique then depleting it in order to bring his most shredded and impressive physical form to the stage. With this being the final time he’ll defend his 212 Olympia crown, there’s no doubt that Flex Lewis is going to bring the best version of himself that we’ve seen yet. Going out on top is the perfect scenario for any bodybuilding champion and Flex Lewis expects to do just that.


While “Hell Week” may break more fragile individuals, Flex Lewis has the steely resolve and stubborn mind of a champion. With this being his final competition in the 212 Division, it’s quite evident that Flex Lewis is pushing his body to the limit and it shows in his conditioning leading up to his final appearance as 212 champion.


Do you think Flex Lewis will go out on top of the 212 Division?


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