With Hadi Choopan Placing Second At The San Marino Pro, Will We See More 212 Crossover?


Could this be the beginning of more crossovers?


Bodybuilding is all about perfection. You need the perfect regimen, the perfect meal planning, the perfect timing to ensure that everything is dialed in for the best results. While some bodybuilders get it right, there are others that falter in their attempts. What this past weekend’s San Marino Pro taught us that even if you’re not the biggest person on stage, if you dial in your preparation that even a competitor from a different division has a chance at achieving glory.


As we close the books on the San Marino Pro, one of the bigger storylines we’ve been left with is the fact that a 212 competitor was able to place second in the Open Weight division. Hadi Choopan had the perfect preparation and it showed. Choopan proved that a 212 competitor has the capability of out performing some of the best bodybuilders in the Open Weight division.


So what does this mean for other 212 bodybuilders?

When you consider that Hadi Choopan was able to out duel the ultra talented Brandon Curry and take second to a Cedric McMillan who came in perfect shape, it makes you wonder what else is possible for 212 competitors in the Open Weight division. The conditioning Hadi Choopan possesses is absolutely incredible and despite being outsized was able to outdo competitors simply by virtue of his shredded physique. The performance makes you wonder what 212 Olympia champion James ‘Flex’ Lewis could do in the Open Weight division. Imagine the 212 champion facing off against Open Weight kingpin Phil Heath. It would certainly be a sight to behold and generate a ton of interest.


So what is next for Hadi Choopan? Does he return to the 212 Division or could competing in Open Weight be a more enticing proposition? Right now it’s difficult to say. He could easily continue in Open Weight to gather experience, all the while gunning for the 212 Olympia in 2018. Closing out 2017 with strong showings will only bolster his confidence. Whether it’s in 212 or Open Weight, Hadi Choopan has a right future indeed.


What do you think of 212 athletes competing in the Open Weight division?


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