Get a Killer Core Workout With Just a Medicine Ball

Mike Over STACK

I’m a huge fan in developing the core through regular strength workouts, whether it’s Squats, Deadlifts or accessory exercises, each have their role when it comes to core strength.

However, many people fail to realize that your core muscles are just like any other muscle—progressive overload is key to building that six pack!

This is where more specialized exercises come into play.

A lot of people come to me looking for a “routine” they can use to tone their core. One of my favorites centers around a medicine ball (note that if you do not have a dumbbell, you can simply perform the first exercise without one).

A. Medicine Ball Hollow Hold Tuck Ups With Med Ball And Dumbbell x 15 Reps

B. Medicine Ball Reverse Crunch (control eccentric) x 10 Reps

C. Medicine Ball Sit-Up x 10 Reps

D. Medicine Ball Hollow Around the Worlds x 5 Reps in each Direction

E. Med Ball V Touches x 15 Reps

F. Medicine Ball Body Saw x 10 Reps

Go for 3-6 total rounds. Move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest before taking a full minute to recover between rounds.

This routine works best with a larger, softer medicine ball. Start light the first time you try it and adjust the weight of the ball as needed to provide the appropriate challenge.

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Photo Credit: franckreporter/iStock