Flex Lewis Looking Like He’s Carved From Granite At Guest Posing


Flex Lewis guest posing like a boss!


Lightweight bodybuilding sounds almost like a slap in the face when you consider the depth and talent of the 212 division. These men are by no means “light weight” as they’ve been dubbed in the past. Nevertheless, they are smaller than their open weight counterparts in both weight and stature. That doesn’t mean they could give even Phil Heath a run for his money. One man in particular who could challenge all of the top open weight competitors is undoubtedly James ‘Flex’ Lewis.


The reigning and defending Olympia 212 champion, Flex Lewis has proven himself to be an absolute monster of a bodybuilder throughout his career. With massive size and impeccable symmetry, Flex Lewis has the genetics of a superhero. He’s cut out of granite and has the potential to become one of the greatest to ever walk onto a posing stage.


But will Flex Lewis being considered a lightweight bodybuilder somehow harm his standing as one of the greatest? We tend to think in the opposite direction, but it’s clear that the competitors in the 212 division get less attention. At a recent guest posing, Flex Lewis once again put the world on notice on how absolutely complete his physique is. Take a look at his powerful conditioning in the post below.



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