Flex Lewis and Roelly Winklaar Team Up for Unfiltered Training in Prep for the Olympia


Flex Lewis and Roelly Winklaar train hard in the gym.


A champion can’t defend their crown without pushing themselves to their absolute limits. In order to reach the pinnacle of their potential they have to push themselves hard, harder than the competition, harder than those who hope to crush their dreams and take away their title of the greatest. Reigning 212 Olympia champion James “Flex” Lewis has come to understand this well.


As he prepares himself to defend his 212 Olympia title for the final time, Flex Lewis is putting all his energies into bringing his best form to stage yet. But he’s not doing so alone. Alongside the champ is Open Weight contender Roelly Winklaar, a massive beast who has come into his own as of late.


Fresh off his victory at the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia, Roelly Winklaar has never looked better as he hopes to crush the competition at this year’s Olympia and crack the top 5. It will be no simple task and there are a great deal of impressive contenders that stand in his way, but Roelly Winklaar isn’t close to giving up on his dreams of one day being Olympia champion.


Iron sharpens iron as the old saying goes and Flex Lewis and Roelly Winklaar embody that statement well. Watch as these two high level pros push themselves and each other as they prepare themselves for the 2018 Olympia.

Do you think Flex Lewis will walk away with another 212 Olympia win? Can Roelly Winklaar crack the top five in the Open Weight division?


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