Dr. Testosterone: How Underground Labs Evolved Drugs… While Also Making Them Dangerous

By GI Team Generation Iron

Dr. Testosterone discusses the truth behind the evolution of bodybuilding drugs and the major role underground labs played in it.

When people discuss the evolution of mass monster physiques in bodybuilding, they also bring up the evolution of performance enhancing drugs. The basic understanding is this: as science has evolved so too has the ability to grow bigger and more massive muscle using PEDs. But is this statement true? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone explains the truth behind the evolution of drugs in bodybuilding.

There’s no denying that science and drugs have evolved each and every decade. So it would make sense that this holds drug in the world of bodybuilding. Substances like steroids and other PEDs today aren’t the same as the one’s taken 10 or 20 years ago. Many fans believe this is why physiques look more massive today than in the past. It’s also sometimes blamed on the more recent criticism of lacking conditioning.

When we sat down with Dr. Testosterone, we asked him to give us a quick recap of exactly how the science behind bodybuilding drugs have evolved over the years. What he showcases is a double edged sword. The late 90s/early 2000s introduced underground drug labs into the bodybuilding world. It certainly pushed the power of these drugs farther than pharmaceutical grade drugs. But it also led to more danger.

Dr. Testosterone explains that steroid use changed after the George Bush administration. After a steroid scandal at the Olympics, the United States changed the way steroids were prescribed and sold. This made it harder for professional athletes to get pharmaceutical grade drugs to improve performance.

Of course, like almost anything else, this created a vacuum that got filled in by the black market. Suddenly, underground drug labs sprung up like weeds. All of them trying to create the perfect steroids and PEDs to help athletes get the enhanced performance they needed.

Of course, this also led to less restrictions. Underground labs were able to push boundaries more than legitimate businesses. This led to an evolution in what steroids and PEDs could do for bodybuilders.

On the flip side, this also led to less regulation. While that very lack of regulation has led to massive leaps in drug power, it also led to more potential dangers. Various underground labs can easily create “junk” drugs just to turn more of a profit. Not only does this mean that bodybuilders aren’t getting what they potentially asked for – it also means the “junk” inside could lead to serious health damage in the long term.

Here’s a theoretical example. Let’s say a bodybuilder was advised to take a certain dose of drug X. When they get that drug via underground means, they then unknowingly get a junk rip off version. We’ll call that drug Y. Suddenly, the recommended doses that work for Drug X don’t necessarily apply to drug Y. But since the bodybuilder has no clue – they do it anyway. This can have a wide range of adverse effects. And since it’s a chemical being injected directly into your body – the risks can be dangerous.

In today’s bodybuilding world, this risk is well known and common among bodybuilders. It’s an unfortunate reality that they all must face. To many, the risk is worth the reward. And many use word of mouth to discover which sources to trust. Still, it’s ultimately all a grey area to say the least.

You can watch Dr. Testosterone explain the full evolution of drugs, PEDs, and underground labs in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

*DISCLAIMER: Generation Iron Brands LLC does not condone or encourage the use of illegal or potentially dangerous drugs. The views and opinions in this article and video are that of the subject. This content is for educational purposes only.