Despite Coming Up Short At The Olympia, The Evolution Of Sadik Hadzovic Is Pretty Impressive


Sadik Hadzovic has nothing to ashamed of.


Bodybuilding is one of the toughest endeavors out there. Some may look at the pro stage as a simple pageant, the preparation required is all done with exact care and professionalism. Yet despite the fact that all prep is broken down to a science, that an athlete pushes themselves everyday in the gym to reach their final form, the truth is that it may not be enough. Sadik Hadzovic faced that reality at the Olympia.


While Sadik Hadzovic may be only thirty years young, he’s already a veteran on the bodybuilding stage who has competed against the best of the best for years. This past Olympia saw Sadik Hadzovic take seventh place, a placing that many have questioned. But despite coming up short, it doesn’t change the fact that he put in the work necessary to bring about massive change to his physique.


Despite coming in seventh place, Sadik Hadzovic has nothing to be ashamed of.. He put it all out there and has indeed showed some massive improvement since last year’s showing. To get a bit of perspective, check out this post by the man himself highlighting his immense improvements and evolution.


Do you think Sadik Hadzovic deserved a higher placing?


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