Chris Bumstead Weighs in on the Proposed “Mandatory Vacuum Pose” for Classic Physique


Chris Bumstead talks about the mandatory vacuum pose.


There’s been a great deal of talk concerning mandatory posing in Classic Physique. Many believe that the vacuum pose should be a mandatory pose for the Classic Physique division despite the fact that it was never considered a mandatory pose during the Golden Era.


While arguments on both sides have been pretty compelling, hearing from the competitors in the division themselves usually offers an insight that the average lay person simply can’t provide.


Enter Chris Bumstead.



One of the standout competitors in the Classic Physique division, Chris Bumstead has proven himself to be a great bodybuilder going head to head with Olympia champ Breon Ansley on a number of occasions. While Breon Ansley believes a mandatory vacuum pose is unnecessary, Chris Bumstead may have a difference in opinion. Take a look at the video to hear Chris Bumstead’s thoughts on the issue.


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