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Intermittent fasting could improve obese women’s health

  Research carried out at the University of Adelaide shows that obese women lost more weight

6 Hard Truths About Dieting

  Non-Negotiable, But Often Neglected   There are a few hard and fast rules for fat

Your brain rewards you twice per meal: When you eat and when food reaches your stomach

  We know a good meal can stimulate the release of the feel-good hormone dopamine, and

Intermittent Fasting: No Advantage Over Conventional Weight Loss Diets

  Intermittent fasting helps lose weight and promotes health. However, it is not superior to conventional

THE KETOGENIC DIET: Why It’s Superior To Low Carb, Paleo, & The Atkins Diet!

  If ever there were rival diets, keto and paleo and Atkins are it!   In

Kill the Dumb Diets

  The Truth About Calories, Food Quality, and Insulin – The Sugar Diet In 1939 a doctor