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How Fitness Ideas Start

By NICOLE LaPORTE New York Times WHEN Myles Berkowitz first met Steven Kates through a mutual

Burn 5g Fat For Every Cup Of Green Tea

From Ergo-Log If the calculations that Dutch scientists made are correct, you burn more than 5

Healthier By Law

From ScienceDaily Obesity rates in North America are a growing concern for legislators. Expanded waistlines mean

Circadian Desynchrony And Obesity

From ScienceDaily When Thomas Edison tested the first light bulb in 1879, he could never have

Turning On Beige Fat

From ScienceDaily Researchers from the University of Bonn and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in

All Fats Are Not Created Equal

From ScienceDaily All dietary fats are not created equal. Some types of fats have been linked