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The Athletic Aesthetic Program

  The Right Mix of Strength, Athleticism, and Gains The Triple Threat To build a body

4 Soccer Agility Drills to Improve Quickness and Dribbling

  Since it hosted the World Cup in 1994, the United States has seen a meteoric

The Chief Habit: Your Ten-Minute Morning Fitness Plan

  Becoming the person we want to be is typically a case of taking action—not once,

The Top 10 Deadlift Myths

  Even Experienced Lifters Believe This Stuff  I admit it, I’ve held a few of these

Learn to Train X — Dave Tate Teaches the Max Effort Method

  There are three ways to increase muscle tension: The Dynamic Effort Method The Repetition Method

A Complete Golf Workout

  Golf is a sport that requires incredible athleticism. You need superior hand-eye coordination, core strength and balance