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THE KETOGENIC DIET: Why It’s Superior To Low Carb, Paleo, & The Atkins Diet!

  If ever there were rival diets, keto and paleo and Atkins are it!   In

New Evidence That Females Might Benefit Most From A Low-Salt Diet

  A low-salt diet may be more beneficial in lowering blood pressure in females than males,

Kill the Dumb Diets

  The Truth About Calories, Food Quality, and Insulin – The Sugar Diet In 1939 a doctor

 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Fat While Bulking

  The season when lifters are focusing on gaining as much muscle as possible has just

Is Subway Actually Healthy?

  Subway is the most popular restaurant chain in America.   As of June 2018, the

Holidays Don’t Have To Sabotage Your Diet

  Food craving, the intense desire to eat certain foods, can sabotage efforts to maintain healthy