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Risk factors of type 2 diabetes and CVD accumulate in children with poor aerobic fitness

  Risk factors of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease accumulate in children who have poor

Tip: Testosterone and Adult Entertainment

  Does watching smut boost your T levels? Well, it depends. Here’s the science.   Three

Tip: The Truth About Prostate Testing

  Here’s what you need to know before you or your old man agree to have

Charles Poliquin: 1961-2018

T Nation is deeply saddened to announce that strength coach Charles Poliquin died last night, apparently

Strength and Joint Health, Pt 3

    Starting Strength Coach CJ Gotcher explains how tendons and ligaments adapt to strength training

Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function

  Now you just need to remember to exercise!   People who include a little yoga