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Keep Supplements Free – Voice Your Opinion Now To Congress

From: LG Sciences These two alarming moves by the FDA are a grave injustice against dietary

Beating Obesity In The Inner Cities

By Laurie M. Tisch, Huffington Post Last week, Michelle Obama, together with national retailers SuperValu, Walgreens

Carnosine Extends Lifespans

Chemical bodybuilders do all sorts of things to their body that make doctors shudder, but most

New Early Prostate Cancer Detection Urine Test

By ScienceDaily A new urine test can help aid early detection of and treatment decisions about

Unhealthy Lifestyles Of 95 Year Olds

By ScienceDaily People who live to 95 or older are no more virtuous than the rest

Healthy Choices Justify Unhealthy Ones

By ScienceDaily A new study has found that smokers who take multivitamins offset their healthy behaviour