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WATCH: Dennis James Wants You To Respect Jeremy Buendia For Defending His…

  Can Jeremy Buendia win after such a serious injury?     Dennis James is in

Flex Lewis and Roelly Winklaar Team Up for Unfiltered Training in Prep for the Olympia

  Flex Lewis and Roelly Winklaar train hard in the gym.   A champion can’t defend

This Mass Monster Has Some of the Craziest Monster Calves In Bodybuilding History

  Erik Fankhouser has some incredibly huge calves.   Genetics play a major role in a

Big Ramy Looking Ready For Victory 10 Weeks Out From The Olympia

  Big Ramy has never looked more impressive weeks out.   The 2018 Olympia is still

Flex Lewis Plans on Moving to the Open Weight Division in 2020!

  Flex Lewis is moving on to bigger things.   James “Flex” Lewis has dominated the

At 60 Years Old, Golden Era Beast Rory Leidelmeyer is Still Insanely Jacked!

  Rory Leidelmeyer is still a beast!   A true ambassador for bodybuilding and a student