Can William Bonac Bounce Back at the Arnold Classic Australia?


Can William Bonac win at the Arnold Classic Australia?


While he may have brought an excellent physique to the stage at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, William Bonac ended up taking second place to Brandon Curry who has finally begun to realize his immense potential. William Bonac, winner of the 2018 Arnold Classic, has been looking pretty impressive in his career as of late. Despite his great showings as of late, it came as a shock to many that William Bonac would end up falling behind at the 2019 Arnold Classic.


While he may have taken second place, William Bonac appears to have taken everything in stride and has even given congratulations to Brandon Curry on his social media.


While he may not have been able to take first at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, William Bonac has the opportunity to get things back on track as he aims to compete at this weekend’s 2019 Arnold Classic Australia. Will, he be able to dominate the field now that Brandon Curry is out of the running? Will he be able to hold off the likes of Cedric McMillan and Roelly Winklaar. You’ll have to tune in this weekend to see the results.


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