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This is How You Can Burn Stubborn Body Fat


Most people get a gym membership to lose weight and get in shape. Belly fat can be very stubborn and might take some serious work ethic to lose. Don’t fool yourself into thinking love handles are cute. Anyone who says they are is lying.


There is no such thing as “spot reduction” and you can’t expect to lose the fat around your midriff with a few crunches. If you have been trying to lose your belly fat but have not been successful, this article is what you need.


Burn Stubborn Belly Fat with these Tips

Fix Your Diet

Diet and nutrition play an intergral role in losing body fat. If you don’t understand nutrition and can’t design a diet plan for yourself, it’s advisable you take the help of a professional. Adjusting your macros will prove detrimental to your fat loss plan.


Some people make the mistake of completely cutting out fats from their diet in the hope of losing weight. The carbohydrates in your meals and the sugar content in them are the main culprits for your fat gains.


Fasted Training
If you’ve been reading about losing weight, you might have come across the concept of fasted training. Fasted training is when you workout first thing in the morning before eating your breakfast.


The fasted training works because your body has already entered in a fat burning state because of being fasted throughout the time you were sleeping. Make the most of fasted training by following HIIT workouts.


Use Supplements
Using the right supplements can be great fat loss triggers. There are some good fat burning supplements available on the market with effective ingredients like green tea extracts, caffeine, yohimbine, carnitine etc.


The quality fat loss supplements can help in spiking your metabolism and putting you in a catabolic state. Remember, supplements can only add to your results but first, you’ll have to work on your training and diet plans.


Targeted Fat Loss Training
Although spot reduction doesn’t work, you can target the areas you need to work on during your workouts. You can target your abdominal by doing specific exercises to get them in shape.


Once you have the fat loss supplements in your system, performing ab exercises can push the blood containing the ingredients to the specific body parts which can help in shedding the excess fat and weight.


Insulin Sensitivity
Stubborn body fat is less insulin resistant which means it is more sensitive to insulin. A fat cell which is more insulin resistant stores less fat and releases more of it. A fat cell that’s more insulin sensitive stores higher fat and releases less of it.


Foods like nuts, vinegar, spices, green tea, etc. improve insulin sensitivity and can help you shed the extra kilos. Stubborn fat is more insulin sensitive than other fats and you can trigger the fat loss progress by adjusting your diet.


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