Artemus Dolgin Is Starting His Own Bodybuilding Competition


Artemus Dolgin has had enough of the same old formula.


One of the more eccentric bodybuilders out there, Artemus Dolgin has built his brand around classic aesthetics. Rather than focusing on building a monstrous bodybuilding physique, Dolgin is all about proper proportions and looking as classic as possible.


Ok let me start with this, there is no complain, shade or hate on any of the competitors here. It's all just facts n big news. Plus this will catch your attention. This contest been a bit ago but that's what made me change my mind about the sport n do what I did n about to do. I lost to all of the guys here, I was the last I believe or smth like 15th. (Sincerely thank you for that loss cuz otherwise I wouldn't be where I am now). Of cuz I felt unfair and all that. But that also gave me an idea how it all should be. I don't want a federation but we making our own contest Mr. Golden Aesthetics. We will announce the date in the next 2 weeks as we working out the details (you will have 8-12 weeks to prepare). There will be no weight restrictions. The best physique and character wins that nite. The trunks of cuz will be from 70s and available soon at our web site. The city, I believe LA, Miami or San Diego, I even think Key West. The number of contestants will be limited and the panel of judges will involve some of the old school bodybuilding legends, Golden Aesthetics crew and live vote from the fans all around the world. The first place will take 3-5k home, with digital content of the highest quality as well as 2 year sponsorship contract with @goldenaestheticsofficial or other sponsor who will be involved. I want you to have the experience of your lifetime and not only get the trophy or even cash but have an opportunity to grow n get exposure you deserve. You will need to qualify by submitting your photos and we will vote for who we consider as someone who can make this show a real sports event and entertainment. There will be more details announced but let me tell you, this will impact the game as we plan to have prize money beating any other pro show, including Olympia, which in all honesty not that great, not just because of politics, corruption and level of organization but because where social media took fitness and Bodybuilding. I'm very exited to work on smth like this n put it all together along with my team. Pure, Fair, Entertaining and Rewarding competition. #goldneaesthetics #strongerthantheworld #turnitintogold

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Old school bodybuilding is starting to get more recognition these days and the creation of the Classic Physique division is evidence of that. Despite that fact, Artemus Dolgin has grown fed up of the status quo and is set to introduce his own bodybuilding competition with a different judging criteria in order to offer something contrary to the norm. This Instagram post delves into Dolgin’s mindset about modern day bodybuilding, why he’s decided to create his own competition and how it will be different from the other shows that he believes are flawed.


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