Abs Workout For Home

by Joe Pietaro Muscle Sport Magazine

Home workouts are increasing in popularity because of their ease, effectiveness, and obviously the cost. You just need the right attitude and the gear. No other costs, no other formalities. And hey, it saves a lot of time.

So if you have time constraints, budget constraints, or simply just don’t want to go to the gym, you must consider home workouts. There are tons of exercises that you can do at home without any equipment needed or very few, cheap equipment that you can use.

Building abs can be a good decision to make if you want to increase the visibility of your body muscles and look fit. There are various exercises that you can do to build abs and fortunately, many of them can be done at home.

Building abs without equipment is not only endless crunches at home rather you need to understand that the concept behind building the six-pack abs. First of all, you need to know that there is no such concept as spot reduction.

It is not possible at all.

Targeting a specific muscle in the human body has nothing to do with burning fat in that region. Contrarily, irrespective of any muscle that you hit, the body reduces fats from the body as a whole unit. And that only happens when the glycogen stores are depleted and the body shifts towards the breakdown of the lipid for energy.

Why do you need to do the abs exercises when you can’t burn the belly fats specifically by those exercises? Well, there are two reasons for this.

  • Any exercise which burns more calories will burn more fats because of the shortage of glycogen. And, abs workouts for home is one of the best exercises to burn a high number of calories.
  • Secondly, the abs muscles when trained by the abs workout grow, become and get in shape. They start to be visible in the abdominal region even if the belly fat hasn’t burned. This is because they get bigger and become prominent.

Here are some of the best abs workouts for home that could help you build abs without going to the gym. Let’s begin:


This the most common form of abs workout that can be done at home without any equipment. Considering its effectiveness, it is still preferred by many professional bodybuilders and fitness experts


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