Under 6% Body Fat, Zane Watson is Looking Like a Shredded, Vascular…


Zane Watson could potentially be the future of the 212 division.


The 212 Division is about to be shaken up by a number of interesting turn of events. By now, everyone knows that James ‘Flex’ Lewis is defending his 212 Olympia title for the last time before taking time to build up his physique and compete in the Open Weight division. Hadi Choopan won’t be able to compete at the Olympia due to the Travel Ban. That means the division is about to left wide open for young up and coming competitors like Zane Watson to potentially take over the 212 category.


While many people have been focused on Hadi Choopan and Ahmad Ashkanani, Zane Watson has been quietly rising through the ranks of the 212 Division, acquitting himself well competition after competition. With the division about to be wide open after Flex Lewis departs, it’s only logical that Zane Watson would be considered among those that could potentially be the future of 212.


The Olympia is less that three weeks away which means final preparations are being made for the top contenders in the division. If Zane Watson once to throw his hat into the ring to be considered one of the top 212 athletes in the world then he’ll have to have a good showing at the 2018 Olympia. From what it looks like, Watson is putting forth some insane effort and is certainly looking the part.



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