3 Stretches To Help Open Up Your Hips

by Rol Admin Cut & Jacked

#1 – Lunge Stretch

Take a big lunge step forward and try to open up that hip and open up that back hip. You go at a comfortable level that you can.

You can see how Donnalee started stepping forward and then she tried to straighten up. She is really working on opening up that back hip. When you do this, start off with 20 seconds hold, twice on each side. You are going to alternate it back and forth.

#2 – Pigeon Pose

Donnalee has her left leg out front and rotated it to the middle. She’s working on trying to straighten out that back leg. She’s opening up the front hip and the back hip as well.

Just like the other stretch, we are looking at holding it for 20 seconds and doing it twice on each side. You should be feeling a light stretch. It shouldn’t be painful or extremely uncomfortable. The first time you will do this exercise, it might be a little bit awkward but as you go through it and see how it feels, it will become easier to do.

#3 – Knee Openers

You sit down, bring the bottoms of your feet together and then open up your knees so you can actively try to bring the knees to the ground. You are trying to open up those hips and you will feel the stretch in your hip area. Hold it for 20 seconds, twice on each side.

Give those three stretches a go and see how your hips feel when you are opening and loosening them up. These will help you with your muscle imbalances, your posture and it prevents aches and pains in your hip, back and knee area.

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