3 Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Exercises to Relieve Low-Back Pain

Brandon Hall STACK

At least 80 percent of Americans will experience low-back pain in their lifetime.

But you are not powerless against it.

A few intelligent exercises can relieve or prevent feelings of low-back discomfort while also improving your posture and performance.

(“We have) three favorite core exercises that are good for any kind of low-back pain that you’re dealing with,” says Dr. Matt Stevens, physical therapist and co-owner of Pure Physio (Strongsville, Ohio). “Whether you’re dealing with a strain, whether you’re dealing with a disc issue, all of these movements are going to be safe for any kind of low back pain. “

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Side Plank

“Ideally, we want to see a nice straight line from the armpit either all the way to the knee or all the way to the ankle, ” Stevens says. “You can start to work up to about 4-5 rounds of 10-20 seconds on each side, and increase the duration as that exercise gets less challenging.”

Bird Dog

“You want to stay nice and engaged in the middle and imagine you’re pushing that heel all the way straight back behind you, like you’re kicking it into a wall, and drive that (opposite) arm forward,” Stevens says. “We’d probably do about 4-5 rounds of 10 reps, with 5 reps on one side and 5 on the other.”

Bent-Knee Hollow Hold

“Here, the big focus is you’re going to try to keep your low back nice and flat towards the ground. You want to press it into the ground so there’s no space between your spine and the floor. That’s going to activate the front side of your body. If you need less challenge, you can bring your arms up,” Stevens says. “Go for 5 rounds of 20-30 second holds in that position.”

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