10 Bulgarian Split Squat Workout Routines You Can Do from Home

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I was anticipating this routine to fill the Friday of class before spring break. But then school was closed—for the rest of the semester. All my teaching would now occur from behind a computer. Then most gyms closed and training at home has now become necessary.

Single-leg training is advantageous because you don’t need a ton of load to get a workout in. You can do most of these exercises with a chair and no weight at all. If you have some, great. If not, don’t worry.

These routines don’t necessarily use load as the variety factor. Rather we change tempo, range of motion and speed.

1. Assisted Bulgarian Split Squat

The assisted Bulgarian Split Squat is more of a beginner exercise. But you can use it as a drop set as well. Hold onto something, maybe it is another chair, and complete your reps in a slow controlled fashion.

Creative routine: Rep out regular Split Squats for one minute on one leg. Once that minute is up, put your hand on something for assistance and rep out for another minute.

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

This is the traditional Split Squat. It can be completed loaded or unloaded.

Creative routine:  Change the tempo. For your first 6-8 reps go for speed; for the next 6-8 go at a regular tempo; for the last 6-8 reps try going down and up to a 5-count (10 seconds/rep).

3. Side-Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat

In this variation we are simply changing where the load is.

4. Overhead Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat

In this variation we are simply changing where the load is.

5. Bulgarian Split Squat from Deficit

In this case we are increasing range of motion. If you do not have a box available, grab a big book to step on.

6. Bulgarian Jump Split Squat

The jump routine is more advanced. Don’t go for maximal height, go for control. Try to land in the same spot you took off from.

7. Bulgarian Deadlift

This routine targets the hamstrings and glutes. With only a slight leg bend, push your butt backwards until your torso is close to parallel with the ground.

8. Bulgarian Deadlift to Squat

This routine combines the Deadlift and the Squat. Alternate between the two exercises for a total of 10 each (20 reps).

9. Mechanical Drop Set

The mechanical drop set combines the deficit split squat with the regular split squat and then a partial range of motion split squat. Complete 6-8 reps from an elevated surface. Remove the surface and do 6-8 more reps. Lastly, complete 6-8 reps with partial range of motion.

10. Full range of motion, to pulse, to isohold

This routine manipulates range of motion. Complete 6-8 repetitions with full range of motion. Then complete 6-8 pulse repetitions. Imagine the movement being broken down into four quadrants. Throughout the pulse you can pick the quadrants you want to be in. You can pulse the bottom 50% of the exercise or the mid 50%. Be sure to keep your leg under constant tension. The last part is an isohold. Hold your 90 degree position for 10 seconds.


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