My 8 week HST routine on the CKD/AD diet

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  1. My 8 week HST routine on the CKD/AD diet

    Alright now im starting another log ( I have one that for my AD diet, in, i started 3 weeks ago but I figure I can just post in here ) to track my progress with HST.

    My experience: I've typically always done a 5 day split concentrating on 1 bodypart each day and I've had pretty good success. I've been lifting for about 4 years and seriously for about 8 months.

    Stats: I am 25 yrs old, probably about 215, ~18% b/f, 5'7 tall ( I'll most measurements later on )

    Supps: Xtend BCAAs ( 12g Pre and During ), DCP, Multi, ALA, GTE, ZMT, CLA, mega-dose fish oil ( 20g ), and possibly yohimbie since its just been laying around. I was thinking about running the ALRI stack I have ( plus another bottle of JW ) but I think I am going to run this routine and see what kind of results I get before I add anything besides the basics.

    Diet: I plan on eating around 3000kcal a day ( 215x14 ) as I am trying to but b/f while maintaining my LBM. I am going to start with 24hr CHO refeeds and we'll see how that goes, I'll be adjusting that as we go since I am still pretty new to the CKD way of life. I usually eat 6-7 meals a day and drink close to 1.5 gallons of water.

    Here is what my workout is going to look like for the next 8 weeks:

    Week 1: Figuring out my 15rm / 10rm / 5rm

    Weeks 2-3: 15 reps

    Weeks 4-5: 10 reps

    Weeks 6-7: 5 reps

    Weeks 8-9: Monday - 15rm / Wednesday - 10rm / Friday - 5rm ( drop sets )

    The exercises I've chosen and order in which I'll be performing them is:

    Squats - warm up and 1 working set
    SLDL - 1 working set
    Incline Bench Press - warm up and 1 working set
    Dips - 1 working set
    Wide grip pullups - warm up and 1 working set
    Close grip bent over rows - warm up and 1 working set
    Seated shoulder presses - warm up and 1 working set
    Upright rows - 1 working set
    DB shoulder shrugs - 1 working set
    Hammer curls - 1 working set
    Skull crushers - 1 working set
    Standing calf raises - warm up and 1 working set

    I'll be posting weights after the workouts, I am excited to switch my routine up and I am hoping for some positive results.

  2. Ok, so I finished my workout and this was the first time in about 2 years that I did a full body workout with this intensity. I actually puked about 3/4 of the way through tonight.

    Heres my what my 15rm's were:

    Squat - 225lbs
    SLDL - 95
    Incline bench press - 185
    Dips - body weight
    Wide grip pull ups - plate 12 on assisted pull up machine
    Bent over close grip rows - 225x13 ( so moving down to 200 as my 15rm )
    Seated military press - 135
    Upright rows - 55
    Shrugs - 75 DB's
    Hammer curls - 25
    Skulls crushers - 85
    Standing calf raises - 115

    I was extremely tired by the end of this workout but I did also drive 5 hours back from visiting my g/f at college and boozing pretty hard this weekend. I think that these are some pretty solid numbers and I am ready to see some awesome results!

    Diet: about 2600kcals today, I'll be posting the Macros starting tomorrow. I struggled to get my 3000kcals today because I was on the road all morning and really didnt bring any supps with me on my trip. Ended up getting around 190g of Protein.

  3. Today was a rest day and I made it just that. The Macro's looked like this today:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 3024
    Fat: 224 2013 68%
    Sat: 84 757 26%
    Poly: 39 354 12%
    Mono: 84 754 25%
    Carbs: 24 65 2%
    Fiber: 7 0 0%
    Protein: 223 891 30%

    My body was beginning to get used to taking in around 3600-3800kcals a day so I felt hungry all day. I cut my portions back a little bit and really tried to spread everything out over the 7 meals I had today. I really want to cut b/f so 3000kcals it is until I dont notice the kind of loses I want.

    I think I am going to start dosing my yohimbie tomorrow, I have 200g just laying around. I think I will start out tomorrow with 5g and probably work my way up to 15-20g a day ( i'll def have to pick up some more: .2g for each kg of body weight ).

  4. Heres the macro breakdown for the day:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2879
    Fat: 203 1829 65%
    Sat: 74 664 23%
    Poly: 28 253 9%
    Mono: 78 705 25%
    Carbs: 35 88 3%
    Fiber: 13 0 0%
    Protein: 228 914 32%

    Today I was looking to find my 10RM:
    Squats - 275
    SLDL - 135
    Incline bench press - 205x8 ( I think it was an off day and that i should be pressing 205-215 x10 )
    Dips - BW + 25lbs
    Wide grip pullups - plate 8 on assist machine
    Bent over close grip rows - 245lbs
    Seated military presses - 165x8 ( again I should have been able to rip off 10 but seemed to be an off day )
    Upright rows - 65lbs
    Shrugs - 90lbs
    Hammer curls - 35lbs
    Skull Crushers - 95lbsx8.5 ( same deal )
    Standing calf raise - 140lbs

    I thought that I felt alright today but I just couldn't seem to press/pull the weight that I usually do. I guess those days are just going to happen so Im not to worked up about it.

    I started taking Yohimbie today ( 7.5g over 3 doses ) and I ran out of DCP both in the same day. Well not out of DCP but Im through my 3rd straight bottle and I thought I'd take a month or so off. Yohimbie/GTE combo made me feel very warm all day almost like when Im on ECA so I figure i'll use the yohimbie until I run out ( 200g ).

    I am going to give 3000kcal a run for this week and next and if I dont start seeing some results then I think im going to drop down to 2500kcal/day ( 12 x bw of 215 )

  5. Todays macros broke down like this ( towards the end of the day I tried to cut back on protein to hit the .9 x bw goal ):

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2713
    Fat: 213 1913 72%
    Sat: 75 674 25%
    Poly: 30 267 10%
    Mono: 87 779 29%
    Carbs: 33 90 3%
    Fiber: 10 0 0%
    Protein: 166 664 25%

    I went to the gym tonight to get in some cardio, I ended up doing 20minutes of HIIT on the stationary bike, a little bit of abs, and then 20 minutes LI on the elliptical machine. Probably shouldnt have done so much cardio while taking on my first 3 day a week full body routine in like 2 years but we live and learn.

    Kind of excited to get back in the gym tomorrow, I really need to take some measurements and go weigh myself again since I havent done that in about 2 months

    **How many grams of CHO should I shoot for during my 12hr refeed ( I know i'll need to experiment to see whats best for my body but some ideas would be nice )

  6. Diet:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 3162
    Fat: 240 2158 70%
    Sat: 92 828 27%
    Poly: 41 365 12%
    Mono: 90 809 26%
    Carbs: 27 74 2%
    Fiber: 8 0 0%
    Protein: 218 873 28%

    I bought some Ketostix today and I am seriously upset :uhoh2:

    The test strip came up as negative, so even 5 days after I did my last refeed im not in ketosis. What do I do? One note is I did eat about 10 minutes before I pee'd on the strip, does that matter? I know I have been eating to much protein ( about 1g/lb of bodyweight ) but seriously no ketones in my body?

    Here is a typical days meal:

    7am: 3 eggs and 3 strips of bacon / multi,ala,cla

    10am: 1oz chz and 1oz ( ~22 ) almonds / ala, 5g fish oil

    12pm: 6oz steak, 2 cups broccoli and cauliflower, 1 tblspn EVOO, .25 cup chz / cla, ala, fish oil

    3pm: 1oz chz and 1oz almonds / ala, fish oil

    5:30pm: 15g of BCAAs

    6pm: work out while consuming another 15g of BCAAs

    7:30pm: 6oz steak ( sometimes ckn or porkchops ), 2 cups veggies, .25 cup chz, 1 tblspn EVOO, 1 tblspn Blue chz dressing / ala, cla, fish oil, multi

    9pm: 3 tblspns of natty PB and 1 oz chz / fish oil, ala

    Honestly, what am I doing wrong. It must be something that Im missing or adding or doing wrong.

    I dont feel like posting my workout right now im to pissed off

  7. I decided to take some measurements so that I can compare in week 4 and then in week 8, dont laugh at me now

    left - 16.5
    right - 16.25

    left - 23.5
    right - 24 3/4

    Upper arm:
    left - 16 3/4
    right - 16 3/4

    Waist ( at belly button ):
    40 1/2 :food-snac - but size 36 jeans are loose on me??? maybe im measuring wrong but either way measuring consistantly will show me if i am getting the results desired

    Chest ( nipple high ):
    46 3/4

    52 3/8

    Anyways we'll see where we stand a few weeks into this

  8. I forgot to update my log yesterday so here goes,


    grams cals %total
    Total: 1834
    Fat: 140 1262 70%
    Sat: 50 449 25%
    Poly: 23 205 11%
    Mono: 55 496 28%
    Carbs: 13 44 2%
    Fiber: 2 0 0%
    Protein: 121 486 27%

    I honestly just did not feel like eating yesterday ( I did have like 7-8 drinks on saturday night )

    I only did a 12 ( actually 16 ) hour refeed this weekend and I know i didnt get enough CHO's in because I was busy putting in a drop ceiling. Im thinking I might have 1 big CHO meal ( prob about 100g ) on tuesday night since I probably only got about half of the CHO's I needed to this weekend.

    Im thinking im going to drop Xtend and pick up some Leucine after this link was posted when I posed the question about why im not in ketosis
  9. Day 1; First Mesocycle

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2835
    Fat: 214 1927 69%
    Sat: 78 704 25%
    Poly: 41 365 13%
    Mono: 79 711 26%
    Carbs: 24 67 2%
    Fiber: 7 0 0%
    Protein: 195 782 28%

    Squat - 2 sets / 175lbs
    SLDL - 2 sets / 85lbs
    Incline bench - 2 sets
    Dips - ( 2 fat girls wouldnt get off the assisted dip machine :donut 2 sets / 15 reps @ BW and 10 reps @ BW
    Pullups - 2 sets / plate 15
    Bent over rows - 2 sets / 180lbs
    Military presses - 2 sets / 105lbs
    Upright rows - 2 sets / 45lbs
    Shrugs - 2 sets / 45lbs
    Hammer curls - 2 sets / 12 lbs ( I really squeezed on these since the weight was so light )
    Skull Crushers - 2 sets / 55lbs
    Standing calf raises - 2 sets / 85lbs

    My buddy decided he wanted to try an HST routine with me so my workout ended up running close to an hour and twenty minutes, I dont like being there that long.

    I feel like my mid-section looks either bloated or bigger than usual but the rest of my body seems to be more firm. My entire body ( except abdomen ) seems to be more firm than it has been in quite some time. I also feel like my forearms are becoming more vascular

  10. Diet:
    grams cals %total
    Total: 3046
    Fat: 239 2150 72%
    Sat: 90 808 27%
    Poly: 36 322 11%
    Mono: 84 752 25%
    Carbs: 28 76 3%
    Fiber: 9 0 0%
    Protein: 195 779 26%

    Overall feeling:
    I felt pretty good all day and had good energy, again today I took 10g of yohimbie and 1500mg of GTE ( plus like 3 cups of Green Tea ). I felt warm all day and over all think the day was very positive diet wise ( about .9/kg of BW for PRO and 21g of CHO's ).

    Had a little bit of a crash tonight as I feel pretty tired but I moved into a new room in my house and I always have trouble sleeping in a new place.

    I think I might try one of the ketone stix tomorrow morning as I've been eating < PRO and <CHO while trying to pick up on the fat intake while keeping around 2500-2700ckals ( very difficult )

    Cant wait to get back in the gym tomorrow evening!

  11. Diet:
    grams cals %total
    Total: 2686
    Fat: 202 1820 69%
    Sat: 74 668 25%
    Poly: 34 305 12%
    Mono: 79 712 27%
    Carbs: 25 69 3%
    Fiber: 8 0 0%
    Protein: 185 741 28%

    Squat - 185 x 15 / 2 sets
    SLDL - 95 x 15 / 2 sets
    Incline - 155 x 15 / 2 sets
    Dips - Assisted x 15 / 2 sets
    Pullup - Assisted x 13 / 2 sets
    Rows - 190 x 15 / 2 sets
    Military Presses - 115 x 15 / 2 sets
    Upright rows - 45 x 15 / 2 sets
    DB shrugs - 50 x 15 / 2 sets
    Hammer curls - 15 x 15 / 2 sets
    Skull crushers - 65 x 15 / 2 sets
    Standing calf raise - 85 x 15 / 2 sets

    Overall Feeling:
    Felt pretty good again all day as I spread out the 10g of yohimbie into 4 doses ( 500mg of GTE @ same time as Y ). I felt sort of out of it while working out today, just not as mentally focused as I usually am. I did only do a 12hr refeed this last weekend and I dont think I really filled my glycogyn levels like I should have, basically I feel CHO depleted at this point. Cant wait for Friday izza:

  12. Diet:
    grams cals %total
    Total: 2752
    Fat: 199 1792 66%
    Sat: 69 625 23%
    Poly: 53 478 18%
    Mono: 61 551 20%
    Carbs: 20 61 2%
    Fiber: 5 0 0%
    Protein: 211 843 31%

    -Plus 6 rolling rocks because it was honestly that kind of day

    Squat - 195x15 / 1 set
    SLDL - 95x15 / 1 set
    Incline bench - 155x15 / 2 sets
    Dips - BWx15 / 2 sets
    Wide grip pulldowns ( had to substitute for assisted becase of the fat girls hogging the machines ) - 15reps ( forgot which weight ) / 2 sets
    Bent over rows - 200x15 / 2 sets
    Military Press - 125x15 / 2 sets
    Upright rows - 50x15 / 2 sets
    Shrugs - 55x15 / 2 sets
    Hammer curls - 15x15 / 2 sets
    Skull crushers - 65x15 / 2 sets
    Calf raises - 95x15 / 2 sets

    -I had a terrible workout today, I had some major issues with my girlfriend of 3+ years who is 300miles away from me @ school, ended up leaving work early because i was so upset.

    -I felt EXTREMELY weak which I am attributing to not being used to the full body workouts as well as being carb depleted.

    Week ending thoughts:
    -I am going to cut out the BCAAs this week to see if I can get into ketosis, if nothing then it was mentioned that nuts may keep you out of ketosis so I may try that the week after.

  13. subbed good luck my man

    i'm getting ready to do my 3rd round of hst along with my first attempt at a cut. i'll most likely be using ckd to cut so this will be a good log to compare my results!

  14. sfearl1 - I like the HST routine so far, I feel like its pretty demanding on the CKD because on Friday I just dont seem to have as much power/energy to hammer through my sets. Im thinking about dropping shrugs and maybe something else for the next mesocycle but i'll see after this week

    Weekend was rough, I argued with my girlfriend of 3+ years whose going to school 300+ miles away, dont want to get into specifics but today ( monday ) I just feel mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.

    I ended up drinking like 4 beers on friday night and then prob about 8-10 on saturday night because I was really stressed out and needed it, other than that I actually think I got enough carbs in this weekend. I got a wierd feeling like I was starting to bloat a little from the carbs I was intaking and stopped eating them immediately.

    Dont really know what else to say because like I said im just drained today, going to try and hit the gym but I may change my schedule up and only do 2 workouts in the 2nd week of this mesocycle. Im heading up to see my g/f this weekend and probably wouldnt be able to workout on friday anyways.

    I'll keep you posted in this log.

  15. Diet:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2374
    Fat: 174 1562 67%
    Sat: 59 530 23%
    Poly: 35 319 14%
    Mono: 68 616 26%
    Carbs: 24 59 3%
    Fiber: 9 0 0%
    Protein: 176 704 30%

    Workout: Decided to do 2 sets during Week 1 and 1 Set during week 2 of the first mesocycle

    Squat - 205x15
    SLDL - 105x15
    Incline - 160x15
    Dips - BWx15 ( again someone on the assisted )
    Pullups - Plate 14x15
    Rows - 210x15
    Military press - ??x15, some fat girls were seriously sitting on the bar in the power rack and this kid was squating in the other one ( I dont mind squating in the power rakc )
    UR rows - 50x15
    Shrugs - 60x15
    Hammer curls - 20x15
    Skull crushers - 70x15
    Calf raises -95x15

    Overall Feeling:

    I took 200mg of caffiene w/ my first dose of yohimbie today and got some serious anxiety, all done with that and thinking about either ALRIs Venom Tri-Lean with T-X or DCP/Levi combo, green mag, and probably an anti-e/anti-c

    I felt real weak on what should be my strongest day of the week at the gym because of the weekend. I feel like my nerves have settled down after I talked with my G/F last night so I plan on hitting the iron hard on wednesday.

  16. Great looking log so far my man keep up the good work. Dieting sucks but, at the same time it feels kinda good right now i am on a modified ckd diet as well. So i feel you on the sluggishness and being a little bit weaker but you gotta do what you gotta do. Cause in the long run it will pay off. Also, venom is great for fatloss im cycling that in and out on my diet right now with good results. The only negative about it is it really shrivers your balls up and kills sex drive.

  17. Diet:
    grams cals %total
    Total: 2601
    Fat: 200 1799 70%
    Sat: 60 542 21%
    Poly: 45 402 16%
    Mono: 82 742 29%
    Carbs: 24 63 2%
    Fiber: 8 0 0%
    Protein: 174 697 27%


    Just cardio and some abs today, did 30 minutes on the bike at low intensity ( really want to keep my size )

    Overall Feeling:

    Just another day I guess, my nerves arent going as nuts as they were over the weekend so im settled down and ready for business on wednesday night!

    Sent Nutra an email today so once I get a response from Verner then Im going to submit and try the Tri-Lean system from ALR.

    Links - Do you mean you were shut down by the Tri-Lean system, as in HPTA suppression? I didnt think there was anything in these supps that would do that? I'll def watch out for that though, thanks for the heads up
  18. Im In Ketosis!!!


    Ended up eating out today but still had a salad w/ tuna and ranch dressing, I think I had a few extra calories than i usually do for lunch but i did cut back on breakfast/dinner to compensate.

    I used my ketostix today and while it may not have turned real dark it did have a distinct change....Im finally in ketosis and I think what was keeping me out was the Xtend ( or possibly it wasnt and i was diluting my urine because of the 1.5+ gallons of water a day I drink )

    I'll take it either way.

    Squat - 215x15
    SLDL - 105x15
    Incline - 175x15
    Dips - ( again with the fat girls ) BWx15
    Pullups - ( these fat girls must LIVE on the f#cking machine ) ended up subbing pulldowns
    Rows - 220x15
    Military presses - 130x15
    Upright rows - 55x15
    Shrugs - 65x15
    Hammer curls - 20x15
    Skull crushers - 70x15
    Calf raises - 105xx15

    Overall Feeling:

    Something is up w/ my ankle, well right underneath it. I think it has something to do with the calf raises but hopefully taking the weekend off will help with the pain ( not bad but stings once in awhile ).

    Workout went real smooth and I even did 20 minutes of HIIT, the weight felt like it was heavy but i think I could have hammered out 1-3 more reps of each exercise which is good because Friday im supposed to hit my 15rep maxes.

    Kid I talk to at the gym all the time came up to me today and was like "wow dude, did you start that new routine cuz your looking f'ing huge"

    Needless to say that was a huge boost to the ooolll self esteem, I pointed him to to find more out about HST. I started to go into detail but I was out of breath and sweating like a pig, his eyes started to glaze over when i talked about progressive resistence ( i know its simple but simple minds... ).

    Thanks for everyones help and input as it has helped me to get into ketosis and move the melting of this b/f to the next level.

  19. Forgot to mention I weighed myself last at 214lbs wearing a heavy pair of sweats/workout kind of pants

    Last time I weight myself I was 215-216 in my birthday suit.

    I think this diet so far has been a recomp which I am not upset about.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    grams cals %total
    Total: 2601
    Fat: 200 1799 70%
    Sat: 60 542 21%
    Poly: 45 402 16%
    Mono: 82 742 29%
    Carbs: 24 63 2%
    Fiber: 8 0 0%
    Protein: 174 697 27%


    Just cardio and some abs today, did 30 minutes on the bike at low intensity ( really want to keep my size )

    Overall Feeling:

    Just another day I guess, my nerves arent going as nuts as they were over the weekend so im settled down and ready for business on wednesday night!

    Sent Nutra an email today so once I get a response from Verner then Im going to submit and try the Tri-Lean system from ALR.

    Links - Do you mean you were shut down by the Tri-Lean system, as in HPTA suppression? I didnt think there was anything in these supps that would do that? I'll def watch out for that though, thanks for the heads up
    No hpta suppression just major atrophy for a few days after dosing. Instantly killed my libido and shiveled up my weiner and balls big time. I was like wtf then i read some threads on venom and it seems alot of people who take it expereince this also. Although it is a good stim but i just dont like this property that comes along with it.

  21. Thanks for the heads up buddy, i'll w/out a doubt watch for it now

  22. Ok I missed updating my log over the weekend but here goes Friday-Sunday in a nutshell:

    Ended up leaving work out on Friday and making the 300+ mile trip to see my girlfriend and straighten out relationship out, sort of accomplished that. Ended up missing my workout on Friday which should have been where I maxed out on all of my lists ( damn it ) but I was so drained and felt so weak from fighting with her that I needed the day off.

    Diet stayed alright on Friday I ended up starting my refeed at about 8pm friday night with some Applebee's.

    Saturday I ate like **** the entire day ( which wasnt much food at all ).

    Sunday all I ate was a wendys spicey ckn and a ham and chz sub I got on the thruway while driving home. Just could not eat the entire day.

    I ended up drinking waaay more than I like to, seeing old college buddies meant they thought they needed to buy me a rediculous amount of crown royal while at the bar ( im not one to turn down a shot or 7 ).

    Anyways I feel better than I did last week so Im ready to hit the gym with some real intensity today!

  23. Diet:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2075
    Fat: 150 1350 66%
    Sat: 42 378 19%
    Poly: 41 368 18%
    Mono: 59 532 26%
    Carbs: 25 65 3%
    Fiber: 9 0 0%
    Protein: 155 622 31%

    Workout: Day 1 of the 2nd meso-cycle - 2 sets of all exercises listed

    Squats - 235x10
    SLDL - 115x10
    Incline - 165x10
    Dips - BW+15x10
    Pullup - Assistedx10 ( probably dont need the assisted but progressive resistance is the key here )
    Rows - 205x10
    Military press - 130x10
    Upright rows - 55x10
    Shrugs - 65x10
    Curls - 20x10
    Skull crushers - 65x10
    Calf raises - 125x10

    Overall thoughts:

    Dropped my kcals by another 400-500 and going to see if this gives me faster changes, if I feel weak or feel like im losing muscle I'll probably jump back up 200-300kcals a day

    Didnt feel all that strong in the gym from the weekened but still pushed through and even stayed to do some LI cardio ( 20 min )

    Tonight im going to do some HIIT for probably 20 min and then switch it up and do like 20-30 on LI cardio. Really going to try and step up the cardio thats been pretty much non-existent lately.

    Not sure if I want to run the Act-X/trione/7-keto or the ALRI Tri-Lean system first...any thoughts? I was thinking the first option since i've now been dieting for sometime ( ~18 weeks but seriously for about 6 )
  24. Ketosis

    Hey, nice log and good luck with the training.

    As far as getting into ketosis I dont think the Xtend had much to do with it and i'd go more by your energy levels. If your body adapts to using the ketones before they are excreted you might not notice much of a change on the ketostix if you are lowering calories *not as many to excrete via urine*.

    I'd check out this link for more info about amino acids and low carbing.

  25. Diet:

    grams cals %total
    Total: 2165
    Fat: 154 1388 65%
    Sat: 47 423 20%
    Poly: 31 277 13%
    Mono: 67 603 28%
    Carbs: 21 56 3%
    Fiber: 7 0 0%
    Protein: 170 680 32%


    No weight training today but I did make it to the gym to do some cardio; started off with 30 minutes of Low Intensity and then did 20 minutes of HIIT to cap it off. Felt like I could have done another 50 minutes of cardio but I wanted to tan and still needed to go grocery shopping, this coupled with the fact that I was freaking starving I decided to end it for the day.

    I did some abs today because I couldnt do them Monday, they still hurt from laying to the g/f this weekend. We did a whooole lot of fighting over the last couple of weeks and I figured I really needed to let her know whats what

    Overall Feelings:

    Libido is through the F'ing roof!!!!

    Dont know why I kept forgetting to post this but I seriously cant go 15 minutes without thinking about sex with my g/f who is 300+ miles away from me. I havent had this much of a drive for sex since I was 18, Im not complaining but its REAAALLY difficult when your not within driving distance of your significant other and your sex drive is this high!

    I still feel pretty stressed out but I guess im doing better today than yesterday and so on. I think i've been a little bit more tired during the days which Im not sure if I attribute to only eating ~2000kcals or the change in day-light savings time.

    Hopefully my nutra order will get shipped out soon here as its been almost a week and I can get my supps! I think Im going to run the Act-X/Trione/7-keto first and then the Tri-Lean.

    BB8806 - Thanks for the link, read through it quickly last night and cant access it here at work. Tonight im going to re-read as it seemed to have a lot of useful information in it! Reps!


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