1. software/spreadsheets?

    jeez alot of the diet/training software for pc/pda SUCKS! i am using "balancelog" for palm (out of business now i think) & protrack (because of it's great ease of use) for training (pc) just got a new palm lifedrive, & have been looking for days to find a GOOD training log that's not just total crap. a few of the personal traing ones are eehhhh, ok at best, but most are spread way too thin including a cheesy diet section & billing & such. I'm thinking now developing a comprehensive spreadsheet may be the best (reall only) way. maybe define goals/requirements & make something up. anybody attempted this sort of thing? i have seen a few out there. i guess we all have our own ideas what would be optimal. thanks & have a good week dudes.

  2. have you looked at Alot of people use that and they have a program for your computer now.

  3. thanks, but i was looking for something a bit more comprehensive.

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