Glen's redemption log

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  1. Glen's redemption log

    Well as some of you may have noticed I was away from the forum for about 2.5 months ... i was working ridiculous hours and didn't even have time to get in the gym let alone post here (couldn't post at work)

    to cut a long story short .. i made it to the gym 12 times from June 1 until today (a whooping 5 times in july) .. i'm down to 195lbs and my once etched in stone 6 pack is now kind of outlined ... current measurements from today

    arms - 17
    forearms - 14
    waist - 31
    chest - 46
    thighs - 26
    calves - ...shut up

    the workout ... 3 sets per body part reps 8-12, 6-8, 4-6 ... weight increases each set .. 5 second negs/explosive positives

    workout a
    back width
    back thickness
    shoulders (if i feel like it

    workout b

    workouts are MWF alternating between A and B

    i wanted to go light today to get back into the swing of things .. turns out what once was light .. well its not that ****ing light anymore! haha

    chest - DB press
    95 - 9
    100 - 6
    105 - 5

    back thickness - BB rows
    225 - 10
    245 - 8
    255 - 8

    back width - reverse grip close grip pulldowns
    190 - 10
    200 - 8
    210 - 5

    tris - overhead ext
    90 - 10
    95 - 8
    105 - 8
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  2. "Welcome Baaaaaaack"

  3. Here's to a good Redemption!! (even though you cannot drink yours) Wish you well. I tend to fall off like that... usually 2-3 times a year.

    BTW Mullet, change your avatar back to something Mullety. That one kinda freaks me out...

  4. So...what's up with calves huh? Do you wear triple socks so they look bigger? You know you can't get calf implants...I mean, all the cool guys are doing it nowadays. Also, sometimes people tape bibles to their calves while doing calf may just work...Probably not. LOL...

    But really, welcome back! What kind of split and lifting philosphy are you going off of?

    I'm about to start up DC myself. Good to see you back.

  5. see above rage


    there ya go shortstuff. can't see over all the new threads, i understand.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub

    there ya go shortstuff. can't see over all the new threads, i understand.
    *cuffs hands to give Glen a boost*

  8. Glen I've been in the same boat best of luck to ya as I'll be fighting to come back as well.

  9. Its good to see a fellow bro back up n lifting! I doubt anyone noticed but i took quite a break myself from the board and liftin for about 2.5 months and would workout bout once a week or so. But ive been at it again for almost 3 months and must admit htis is the best ive looked ever.

    Ive got my intensity, my drive, and my determination back and im glad to see you have time now.

    Good luck bro and ill be followin ur redemption log!
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  10. GREAT to see you back buddy.

    I am in the same boat, but for a considerably longer time

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  11. The one thing that all of us have to be reminded of is that life happens and all of this persuance of strength and size is just a far second or third or fourth priority to many things. Hang in there Crowler.

    Good luck Jminis

  12. Glad to see you back bro!!! Keep it up, and your abs will be etched again.

  13. Hey man...welcome back. I remember a long time ago I saw your pic and thought "I wanna look like him.....only much taller"
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  14. Hi glen You might be needing these:

    Technology For Life - Calf Implants

  15. Good to see you back. I am still doing the the workout I stole from ya. Lovin it.
    Recent log:

  16. thanks for the support fellas! except rampage and kwycke .. you two go to hell

  17. This is a reminder I need to get back into going to the gym *subscribed*

  18. Glad to see you back at it bro. It was a cold, lonely place here when ubiquitous was the only one flying the shaven, tanned, man-tights wearing flag of justice

    Don't worry man, as I'm sure you know your strength will return rapidly

  19. 8/9

    bis - straight bar curls
    115 -10
    125 - 6
    125 - 5

    quads - hack squats (some douche was using the squat rack forever)
    3 plates - 10
    4 plates - 10
    5 plates - 8

    hams - glute/ham raises
    BW - 4
    BW - 4
    BW - 4
    hard to do these without a spotter as i become a huge vag and worry i'll go too far, won't be able to support my weight, and hyper extend my knee .. oh yeah and i'm weak nowadays

    calves - seated raises
    3 plates - 12
    3 plates - 12
    3 plates - 12

  20. Glad to see you posting Glenny, how did the finals/ exams finish up? Last time I talked to you, you were cramming. I am living in Costa Rica now, and life is great!
    My The 1 LOG:

  21. yeah i saw that in the steriods section that's great man! some buddies of mine have been down there and said it was super dope

    finals ended up well .. it was working this summer that really kept me from posting and lifting .. just not enough hours in the day

  22. Ex, I'm not shaven like Glen.. But we both wear man-tights... really really tight ones...ballsquishers we like to call 'em.

    Glenihanichaun... a warm welcome to you my little student of jurisprudence. You have been missed.

  23. Hey glen you mind adding what your diet is too? Im interested to see what that is as well as the workout schedule (got that from the other thread posted in here).

  24. Hey Glen, lifts are lookin' good for a month off. Still strong.

    BTW, have you ever tried hitting 3x/wk on calves? I know that Layne Norton used to be stick-legs norton and he was never able to pack some mass on his legs (in his words) until he hit them 3x/wk high volume. (He's heading a forum at BodyBuilding Dungeon - Bodybuilding Pictures and Forum which is's sister site now--bobo is buying more e-real estate).

    Worth lookin' in to. I'm not gonna give beelzeboob the hints though b/c he's so big he makes me look stupid and I have to keep him down somehow So, make sure than when your calves are 20" you keep beelzeboob out of the loop.

  25. diet on training days

    9am - 1 cup oats, 10 egg whites, water (blended)

    11am - 1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey (pre wo)

    1pm - 1 cup oats, 2 schoops whey (post wo)

    3pm - 2 whole wheat english muffins, 1 can chicken

    6pm - 2 whole wheat english muffins, 1 can tuna

    9pm - enough peanuts to give me 30g fat, 1/2 can chicken

    bedtime - 2 scoops casein, enough peanuts to give me 30g fat

    kwycke -- at this point i'll try anything with calves .. i'll start working them each workout for a while and see how that goes


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