Beelze training log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ..what a vag

  2. i'm sorry, insults from leprechauns are null and void......especially ones that struggle with 120's.


  3. ohhh ho ho its on now chubs!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    100's x 50 PR (5 rest pauses in here, but 50 is still 50 dammit. chest, shoulders, and tri's were f'ing fried)
    90 second stretch with 85's
    Damn it.. trying to catch up to you is proving to be an extremely daunting challenge.


  5. trying to catch me, eh?

    now initiating mode B.

  6. mode B - cable flies for sets of 75

  7. LMAO, whatever keeps the pec from sh!tting itself. in all seriousness, gonna have to change something with chest workouts. at least go back to TUT.

  8. 5/8 - quads/hams/forearms/bi's/calves
    (2) 135 x 8
    225 x 5
    315 x 4
    405 x 1
    475 x 1
    565 x 3 PR (20 more lbs til goal weight)
    90 second stretch

    135 x 6
    225 x 5
    315 x 3
    465 x 8 PR
    60 second stretch

    dumbbell wrist curls
    60's x 18 PR
    60's x 10

    standing alt. dumbbell curls
    35's x 10
    50's x 6
    65's x 20 PR (rest-pause at 9 and 15)
    70 second stretch

    standing calves
    3 sets of SB calf hater routine (although it doesn't feel too hateful anymore)

    20 mins cardio

  9. I might have to start wearing the sugarpants in this relationship. Nice squat.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    I might have to start wearing the sugarpants in this relationship. Nice squat.
    lol, it's cool. i've got the carpenter cut sugarpants

  11. Little suggestion for you beez:

    Start doing your benches with more chains/band tension and less bar weight. Also, quit it with the stupid heavy dumbells man

  12. but the stupid heavies are so fun

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    but the stupid heavies are so fun
    but so are bands and chains

  14. 5/9 - chest/shoulders/tri's/back
    kind of a ****ty workout today, but i'm not going to think much of it being that i haven't gone heavy in 2.5 weeks on chest, shoulders, or tri's due to the pull. ****ty nonetheless.

    incline dumbbell TUT 2/2
    (2) 40's x 15
    60's x 10
    90's x 10
    115's x 6
    145's x 7
    ultra wide
    100's x 15
    60 second stretch with 90's

    military barbell
    135 x 6
    185 x 3
    225 x 3
    295M (felt something funny in the upper left pec at the bottom of the movement and just cancelled it right there)
    60 second stretch

    smith CGBP
    135 x 10
    225 x 10
    275 x 10
    drop set
    225 x 10
    135 x 15
    60 second stretch with 50's

    WIDE grip pulldowns (had to stay somewhat light on these due to not having someone there to pull the weight down so i can get my legs under the thingy)
    150 x 10
    250 x 17 PR

    low hammer machine rows
    90 x 10
    270 x 10
    430 x 8 PR

    crunches on decline
    (2) 100lbs dumbbell x 15

    20 mins cardio

  15. 5/11 - quads/hams/forearms/bi's/calves
    hammer leg press (reset at bottom of each rep)
    90 x 10
    270 x 6
    450 x 5
    630 x 12 PR
    90 second stretch

    hammer leg curl
    45 x 10
    90 x 5
    170 x 8 PR
    60 second stretch

    dumbbell wrist raises
    (2) 35's x max

    straight bar curls
    (2) 75 x 8
    135 x 10
    145 x 4 PR
    80 second stretch

    leg press calves
    3 sets of not so painful anymore SB routine. even with a weight increase, that's right, i said it. (attack towards SB)

    20 mins cardio

  16. Damn, Beelz, I'm getting tempted to try something like this. Only thing is, do you feel like your beat by the time you get to tris? I tend to prefer pairing opposing muscle groups.

  17. Hey B, when you say 90sec stretch, you're doing the PNF stretching right?

  18. beo, not at all. 95% of the time, i'm hitting PR's on tri's too, tuesday was just an off day for me.

    hbs, negatory. i do PNF stretches at home with just pecs. the stretches in the gym are pictured on, dogg pound, sticky entitled "extreme stretches with inhuman".

  19. awesome, i will take a look, thx.

  20. I have been using the doggcrapp template for my accumulation weeks, I really like it and do not feel tired at all by the end of the workout, no matter what movements I do that day.

  21. 5/12 - chest/shoulders/tri's/back
    BW x 10
    add 45lbs x 10
    add 90lbs x 11
    "" x 9
    BW x 20
    90 second stretch with 90's

    BTN military smith
    135 x 10
    225 x 6
    325 x 3 PR
    60 second stretch

    tate presses
    40's x 10
    55's x 6
    70's x 3 PR (but felt heavy as ****)

    overhead rope pressdowns
    150 x 17
    160 x 12
    170 x 10
    60 second stretch

    BW x 6
    close grip BW x 6
    close grip plus 70lbs x 5
    wide grip plus 70lbs x 3
    close grip BW x 10
    60 second stretch

    good mornings
    135 x 10
    225 x 8
    325 x 10 PR (belt)

  22. I did those stretches in that link you sent me, pretty intense but I like it.

  23. the worst ones for me are quads and biceps. if you do anything high rep before the stretch, you're entering a world of pain.

  24. So beelze, i was doing a ton of reading on DC training, and I was just wondering, do you follow it very close? Such as carb cutoffs and all that good stuff?

  25. for the most part, yes. some days just aren't possible though.

  26. I am cutting right now, I think I am going to start doing some of the DC (as much of it as I can handle) and then when the cut is over which I am hopeing that will be 4-6 wks, really try to hit the DC method hard. I really seem to like its method of training and principles. How long have you been following it?

  27. november-ish. just stick to the 2 day split, 3 days a week. most people can handle this just fine. i took it up a notch to test my recovery and it seems to be working fine, so i'm sticking with 4 days a week.

  28. Big Guy, I noticed you only had three smilies last workout..Is everything A OK?

  29. lol, yup, everything is fine. chest was technically a PR, since i've never used 90lbs before on dips but being that it was my first day back on it, i didn't count it. just have to make a few changes. sleep schedule was off a bit too because of work related problems. got a bouncing job at night for some extra cash and i don't get back home til 3am or so, then back up at 8am. takes a toll on ya, but i make up for it on weekends.


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