Christ83189 back in it

  1. Christ83189 back in it

    Starting a returning log here. Squats today. Will post some starting numbers and stuff here in a bit. Pretty disappointed with where i am compared to where i was a year and a half ago but oh well. Moving forward now

  2. So here we go. Ill post some pictures and stuff here in a bit so i can keep track of my progress. Did a quick leg workout today. Wasnt feeling it and didnt have a huge amount of time.

    Warm up sets 135x5x2

    Main sets 225x5x5. Breaking myself in slow to avoid injury and being miserably sore. Used to do 315x5x5 easy. Heavier when i felt good. Part of the reason im disappointed with where im at.

    Leg press
    2 ppsx10

    Through some decline situps and leg raises in for s**** and giggles.

    Excited for progress and to get back to where i was and even further

  3. Good luck bro, I'm in

  4. Heres some starting picsName:  20180211_192144.jpg
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  5. Dang it its not letting me post pics???

  6. Whats the trick with posting pics here? I used to be able to post them

  7. @Admin whats the trick for posting pics? It says this app has disabled media sharing

  8. Chest day today. Will post workout when im done.

  9. Bench- 135x10

    Incline barbell press (always been a weak point due to a bad shoulder but felt good today)

    Incline db press ss with incline db fly

    30's x10x3 thats it for me. Felt good after a rough day at work

  10. Shoulders today... Probably gonna be too lazy to log it afterwards we'll see. Barely talked myself into going to gym at all lol

  11. Had a couple forced days off due to work/kids being sick/and wife having to work. Back and bis today. Feel good gonna make sure i smash this one

  12. Warm up
    30 min. Bike

    Pullups 2 sets to failure
    #1 5reps
    #2 4 reps
    (Pretty pathetic lol)

    Hammer strength iso high row

    Hammer strength iso low row
    Super set one handed db row

    Barbell curl
    65x21'sx3 ugh (hate these)

    Preacher curls

    Reverse grip curls

    Alternating hammer curls
    1 set to failure run the rack

  13. Hoping throwing in a half hour of cardio a day will help combat this fat ive gained over the last few months

  14. @Admin can you tell me why i cant post pictures? I used to be able to but it says this forum has disabled media sharing. I would like to share my before pics and all that for this journey

  15. Legs today. Felt great was the first time i was really able to hit it hard with the intensity i used to have and muscle memory is kicking in and feeling more confident with heavier weights though im still breaking myself in slowly to avoid any setbacks.

    30min bike

    Back squat

    Front squat (working myself back into these slowly til i get comfortable with the ROM again)

    Walking dumbell lunges
    50's 5 steps per side
    45's 5 sps
    40's 5 sps

    Leg press ss calf raise
    2ppsx10 both exercises

    Leg extension superset leg curls
    125x10x3 both exercises

    Was feeling good so i threw in 3 set superset decline situps and leg raises
    Both 3x15


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