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  1. Quote Originally Posted by rgenestr View Post
    Donít let him slacking affect your training
    Agreed Iím still pushing myself everyday still training as if heís the greatest to step into the cage across from me

  2. Whatís going on everyone sorry for not posting yesterday when my wife got home from work she puked 7 times within 5 hours and was hurting everywhere with her being pregnant we went to the hospital and were there overnight she was very dehydrated. We got home this morning and I went on a 2 mile run had my brother hold mitts for 30 minutes and then we sparred for 30 minutes heís getting better but still not touching this big ole guy lol finished with some core work now watching the Super Bowl! Donít like either teams but hate the patriots lmao. Iíve been pushing myself harder each day use the fact that heís not taking me serious as motivation Iím telling you Marvin will be hurting bad March 10!!!

    Nutrition: been havin a stomach flu today so havnt been very hungry no breakfast salad with turkey for lunch and a protein shake with oatmeal for dinner

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills this morning protein shake and no after workout today wasnít feeling it

    Sorry for slacking with my log just been a long stressful 2 days but tomorrow will resume the good ole posts better!

  3. Whatís up everyone hope everyone had a great day! My dad was def better then the last 2 lol. Went on a mile run this morning then went and got the Mohawk touched up, while getting it touched up I got a good laugh when I looked at my Facebook and saw my March opponent sent me a friend request I said **** no delete lmao then relaxed most the afternoon everyone in the house has been pretty sick myself included. Started back up this evening went on another run got home wore the training mask while I did some core work and 30 minutes of mitt work. After mitt work I did some sparring but in between rounds Iíd do some crunches just trying to get some extra core work in I want my 6 pack back lol. My older brother couldnít come work any ground So I just ended with some stretching and puking lol. Regardless if Im sick or not have to keep pushing and getting some work in!

    Nutrition: with me being pretty sick havnt been able to keep much down so breakfast was chicken broth lunch was 1 can chicken noodle and dinner was 1 more chicken noodle definitely hoping this is just a 24 hour deal my pregnant wife had it first and passed it to me. But Iíd definitely rather have it then her of course.

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills this morning no protein shakes today didnít wanna puke them up and no after workout for same reason ugh just ready to feel better but no matter what have to keep pushing success is never given itís earned! Name:  IMG_1133.jpg
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  4. Great log and congrats on the news of you and wife's pregnancy.
    Good luck w/ the car repairs, that stuff always sucks,and always comes about at the worst times.
    I would say "good luck" with your upcoming fight, but I don't think you need it, you will prevail.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Power-Lift View Post
    Great log and congrats on the news of you and wife's pregnancy.
    Good luck w/ the car repairs, that stuff always sucks,and always comes about at the worst times.
    I would say "good luck" with your upcoming fight, but I don't think you need it, you will prevail.
    Thank you I appreciate it means a lot! And agreed couldnít come at a worse time gotta love cars lol. And this guy doesnít no what he signed up for he takes me lightly which is funny considering heís 2-4 lol and just got KO in 24 seconds but Iím gonna keep training like heís 6-0

  6. Whatís going on everyone! Felt much better today! and it was another successful day went on my morning run as usual came home did some core and shadow boxed then showered. After I showered I looked for vehicles still looking lol. Went to work 3-6 received another friend request from my opponent lol happily denied it! Got home ate dinner ran then took some pre workout today started with core 30 min. 30 minutes of mitts with training mask followed immediately by 30 minutes of sparring ended with a nice stretch.

    Nutrition- breakfast 4egg whites wheat toast protein shake. Lunch salad with banana and dinner was 2 turkey wraps with grapes.

    Supplements- 3 Azoth pills, protein shake, muscle pharm pre workout.

    Gonna keep pushing tomorrow I turn the big 24 but going to still workout and keep focused for March 10!! Name:  IMG_1142.jpg
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  7. Howís every doing today! Hope everyone push themselves hard today and got some hard work in! Today I got to lift some with my brother that I havnt seen since he was a baby when we were younger and got split up he went into foster care was pretty damn awesome to reconnect and see him in person again finally we lifted some today was really nice! He doesnít know much about fighting as far as technique lol but was a hs wrestler so he plans on coming over and helping with some takedowns and takedown defense so will definitely get some pics of that! Other then the lifting I did some core work (my circuit), running (2 miles) and mitt work for 30 minutes. My younger brother (the boxer) was sick and didnít feel good enough to spar today and my boxing teammate that lives close by just had knee surgery yesterday so no sparring today lol. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

    Nutrition- slacked off a little bit as far as eating yesterday with it being my birthday sorry lol did have cake and ice cream but today was better!! Oatmeal protein shake and banana for breakfast, turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce tomato mustard and grapes on side and dinner was a salad with light ranch tomato egg and turkey cut up in it and tilapia on the side

    Nutrition- 3 Azoth pills this morning, protein shake, and after workout insane labz
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  8. [ATTACH]159878[/ATTACH
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  9. Whatís going on everyone!! Hope everyone is doing amazing!! Today was a good day did some good work! Went on a 2 mile run did not rock the training mask got home did 30 minutes of sparring and some core work. Went to work got home did 30 more minutes of mitts with the wife and 30 minutes of sparring with my bro ended with some more core work! While Iíve had a lot of fun this camp so far and have managed to stay 110% injury free (knock on wood) I am 120% focused and ready to get this easy win March 10!! Marvin will not stop me on my journey to get that shofight heavyweight title!

    Nutrition: breakfast 4 egg whites protein shake wheat toast and oatmeal, lunch was a turkey roll up with a banana and dinner was ham with some grapes.

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills to start off my morning, protein shake, and after workout

    If anyone has some more drills u think may help me please do let me no!! March 10 my hand will be raised and I will get that shofight heavyweight title no one will stop me!!!! Name:  IMG_1177.jpg
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  10. looking good champ.. when it comes to devising fight strategy jack slack is top notch - http://fightland.vice.com/author/jack-slack his articles are very insightful.

  11. Whatís going on everyone! Hope everyone had a amazing day my day was damn good! Went on a 2 mile run this morning followed by some core work! Went to the boxing club this afternoon and worked some stand up and cardio worked on throwing my punches quicker and bringing them straight back after throwing a punch. Came home rested till this evening went on another run just 1 mike worked some mitts for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of sparring with the bro! Overall busy productive day!

    Nutrition: oatmeal protein shake grapes for breakfast, turkey sandwich and beef jerky for lunch, dinner salad banana fish.

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills this morning protein shake and after workout! Name:  IMG_1202.jpg
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  12. Howís everyone doing today sorry wasnít on yesterday been a busy few days. Started a new mma team with a old teammate of mine H.O.S. MMA you can like us on Facebook or Instagram. Today I ran 2 miles this morning came home did core work went to work ran another 2 miles after cardio isnít quite where I want it right now but will be perfect come fight day! Also did 33 minutes of sparring and 30 minutes of mitts. Ended with core and stretching.

    Nutrition- Raisin Bran for breakfast and protein shake. Lunch was nothing and dinner was spaghetti with slice of plain wheat toast.

    Supplements- 3 Azoth pills this morning protein shake and after workout lol lol bro was so tired and beat up after sparring lmfao Name:  IMG_1236.jpg
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  13. Hope everyone had a great day! And did some hard work! Today went on a nice cold morning run followed by core work! This evening I ran again did 30 min of mitts and 30 minutes of sparring. Also did some more core work and even brought out the ole jump rope my sworn enemy lmao. Overall good day and tomorrow boxing class!

    Nutrition- 4 egg whites protein shake and grapes lunch was a salad with cut up turkey and banana and dinner was chicken Alfredo

    Supplements- 3 Azoth pills protein shake and after workout Name:  IMG_1244.jpg
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  14. Whatís going on everyone sorry itís late got caught up playing ufc 2 after workout didnít post yesterday as it was Valentineís Day so spent it with the wife. Today however I went on a 2 mile run this morning got home worked the core still chubby so open to more core workout ideas lol. Waited till this evening then did 30 minutes of mitts and 30 minutes of sparring still working on getting a vehicle so I can get to Missouri and train with my teammate ****s stressful lmao. Hope everyone had a great Valentineís Day!

    Nutrition: apple grapes 4 egg whites for breakfast lunch was turkey roll up and dinner was spaghetti

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills and after workout still working on getting a vitamin

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  15. Killing it as always brother. How do you balance cardio, weight training, and agility work before a major fight? Do you cut down on one as you get closer?
    AZOTH Nootropic Complex 2.0 - Get Sh*T Done.
    Owner & Formulator

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Euclides View Post
    Killing it as always brother. How do you balance cardio, weight training, and agility work before a major fight? Do you cut down on one as you get closer?
    Great question!! As it gets closer to fight time I definitely slow down on the lifting some of my former teammates would cut out lifting completely as it would complicate there weight cutting. Lucky me Iíve been blessed to just naturally be strong I mean not freakishly strong but I can slam a 265lb man no issue so I tend to focus ALOT more on the agility and cardio weather itís running, jump rope and even cone drills to just get faster feet for movement which is highly important in mma. Love the question!

  17. Great response. Super interested to also see your changes in dieting leading up to the fight. At your level, the fights are won in the details.
    AZOTH Nootropic Complex 2.0 - Get Sh*T Done.
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  18. Dieting is probably the hardest part of mma aside from cardio Iím sure bodybuilders can understand that lol. As far as eating the right things. Even as a heavyweight you canít just eat whatever you want. most amateur mma fighters cant afford a nutritionist so you have to mentally be tough to say no to junk food 1 meal can make the entire difference between making weight and not making weight. For me I try to eat mostly salads fruit fish turkey. But yes I do cheat from time to time everyone does lol. But I do want to get back to 205 so Iím going to have to figure out a better meal plan to help me achieve that. The day of weigh ins I eat nothing and drink nothing just to lose a pound or 2. That can be rough but is all worth it when your getting your hand raised

  19. Whatís going on everyone howís everyone doing today!!! Hope everyoneís day was blessed! Today was a good day took the wife out for a late vday lunch after I ran had a buffalo burger lol. Didnít eat any breakfast. Got home did 30 minutes mitts. Relaxed till this evening ran 2 miles got home went to boxing ran again lol did 15 minutes jump ropes 15 minutes mitt work heavy bag 10 rounds = 50 minutes absolutely aweful lol. Watched teammates spar as they spar balls to the wall bc theyíre preparing for silver gloves donít wanna spar that hard close to fight date and potentially get hurt ended class with core circuit got home and light sparred with the bro. And stretched

    Nutrition- protein shake for breakfast buffalo burger and fries for lunch dinner was a banana and salad with turkey in it

    Supplements: 3 Azoth pills and after workout.

    Fight day is getting no nerves at all just excitement to return to the cage and destroy Marvin lol
    Name:  IMG_1274.jpg
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  20. do you have sponsors? I see that you spend a lot of time in your workouts, that plus recovery time and meal prep is tough to hold a job in the middle of all this.

  21. My job is only 15 hours a week my wife works a lot thankfully she fully supports my fighting and knows how important it is to me and wants and pushes me to train harder and focus on fighting. And yes Azoth is my sponsor they treat me great and supply me with apparel and supplements also help me get interviews and help build my following. It all does take its toll the training and work here and there but making it to the level I want isnít going to be a easy path and I embrace the grind

  22. You guys should give Austin a follow on his Instagram Page. He is a ridiculously hard working person and has an amazing family that supports him through thick and thin. He's everything we could have asked for when sponsoring an athlete.
    AZOTH Nootropic Complex 2.0 - Get Sh*T Done.
    Owner & Formulator

  23. Thank you for the kind words! Reaching out to Azoth was the best decision I could of made for my career and life!

  24. awesome man.. ur truly blessed to get a woman that's supportive in today's world. keep up the grind. just curious what's your record as of today and what would it take for you to get noticed by the ufc, bellator.. etc


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