Lifting Log

  1. Lifting Log

    Gunna start taking lifting srs again.
    I havnt gymmed in a week.
    Starting again tommorow. also running my first cycle in the summer so I have around 3-4 months to build up my base.

    Lifts for the 3x5 currently
    Squat (235)
    Deadlift (325)
    Incline Bench Press (165)

    Having a huge 5k calorie refeed today cus my diets been wack recently.
    Havnt slept all night, fixing sleep schedule, so staying up till night then sleeping.

  2. 1/14/18
    Weight: 169 lbs.
    3x5 165 lbs Incline Bench Press
    2x5 235 lbs / 1x5 225 lbs deload HB Squat
    1x5 325 lbs Deadlift

    It sucks eating at a surplus considering im skinny fat and am really tempted to go on a cut but at the same time i dont see the point cus im starting my cycle in 4 months so might as well gain some more muscle and strength, My plan is to bulk for another 3 months then hop on psmf and shred down before doing my fist cycle.
    My goals for these next 3 months are
    225x5 Bench
    405x5 Deadlift
    315x5 Squat

    Training tommorow.

    edit: only had 1800 calories today..

    Going to try to eat alot tommorow to make up for it.

  3. Woke up this morning at 166 lbs lol, Yesterday I wieghed my self in the gym so it could be water wieght I dropped.
    Im going to be binging just for today to gain some weight back and will go back to eating 2500 calories afterwards.
    training shoulders and back today primarily for hyperthophy.

  4. Havnt posted in some time because I have been battling depression for the past couple of weeks. I think its because I have been abusing zinc which caused my copper to be low thus causing depression. Now i feel my test is back to normal.

    Cutting to 140 Pounds, then will start lean bulking. Im thinking about doing a sarm cycle after this cut.

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