MrMuscle's mini-cutting and mini-bulking log

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  1. MrMuscle's mini-cutting and mini-bulking log

    My Stats:
    • Age: 39
    • Years of lifting: 25
    • Height: 190cm
    • Weight: 83kg
    • BF: 8-10%ish
    • Natty

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    My Plan:
    I prefer to stay lean year round, so Ive been diving into the mini-cutting and mini-bulking thinking. I just finished a mini-cut during November and plan to to a mini-bulk during December. With so many years of training behind me gains come slow anyway. So id rather keep myself in a shape i enjoy and try building a little muscle this way.

    This "blog" will be updated weekly where I talk about the week that has gone by.

    My training:
    I just started Phase 2 of Steve Cook's BIG program. I have run thru it before and it seems to suit my body. This phase has 6 workouts a week, 2 times thru the body. First 3 days more strength focused with wave based loading on the heavy movments and a lot of slow negatives on the other exercises. Last 3 days are more hypetrophy focused.

    Im also incorporating Jeff Nippard's Neck and Traps Guide in hope of building some traps!

    • Lift 7 days a week
    • First 3 days heavy, next 3 days high volume, last day weak point training (neck, traps and calves)
    • HIIT twice a week
    • 10 000+ steps a day
    • Mobility work every day

    I like to carb cycle, both when i cut and bulk. Right now i run 4 medium days, 2 low days and 1 high day (cheat/refeed).

    Medium days: 3000kcal - 200p/300c/100f
    Low days: 2500kcal - 200p/200c/90f
    High day: ∞kcal - ∞p/∞c/∞f


    Last year I had a period where i tried some of the more known natty muscle builders (ABE, FD2, Letrone etc) but none of them gave me enough results that i felt like it was worth continuing them. But a couple of months ago I wanted to try something new again.

    • Ep1logue, im halfway thru my second bottle. I ran it thru my mini-cut and have a third bottle ready so that i get the full 12 weeks out of it. So far the effects have been mostly in the way of somewhat extra pump. Strength increased while cutting, but thats common with me so I cant claim that Ep1logue did that.

    I like to have a bunch of carbs around my workout, I also feel that EAA helps both recovery and performance when I drink it Intra workout.

    • Endur3+, one of my favourite intra-workouts when it comes to ingredients. Taste is not the greatest but i can handle it.
    • Vitargo, good carb to mix in my PwO or Intra if needed.
    • HBCD, same as above. I like to gocus on my peri-workout nutrition.
    • SELECT, superb high quality protein. I mix it in my morning coffee with some MCT and in my post workout shake with a banana and some frozen blueberries.

    The last couple of years ive been using High Volume and Alphamine and its my favourite PwO combo. I get the nitrates and citruline with the 2 scoops of High Volume and 1 scoop of Alphamine gives me more than enough energy. Im not much of a stim guy so I never felt the need for anything stronger. But I want to just play around and try what else is out there.

    • Re1gn, im doing a stim free december but i used this when cutting in November. Im not a stim person so 1 scoop was more than enough for me. I tried 1 heaped scoop and went around cold sweating the rest of the day
    • CONQU3R UNLEASHED *Stim Free*, trying this out for the first time. I like the pump and focus it gives, and Im not missing the stim feeling,
    • MCT, I use this is in my morning coffee

    My Staples:
    • Creapure Creatine Monohydrate.
    • D-Vitamin, I live in the northern part of Sweden and havent seen the sun in months!
    • Omega-3, I dont eat enough fish!
    • Magnesium
    • Potassium
    • Digestive Enzymes
    • Probiotics

  2. Subbed to follow along, interested in how this goes for you - so 1 month each of cut, then 1 month of bulk, repeat? Training stays the same for cut or bulk?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Segansational View Post
    Subbed to follow along, interested in how this goes for you - so 1 month each of cut, then 1 month of bulk, repeat? Training stays the same for cut or bulk?
    I tend to stay in cut or bulk 2-6 weeks depending on how my body reacts. For instance now ive been eating 4000 kcal more a week for 2 weeks but havent gained more than 0,2kg so then i might stretch my bulk to 6 weeks because of how little weight ive put on. BUT christmas is coming so that might change real fast!

    My training is phased and periodized, i dont adapt my training to my diet as of now. I might have to do that in the future but for now it seems to work fine as is.

  4. Week 1 and 2 report

    Because it took me such a long time to get this thread up I've now been 2 weeks in a calorie surplus. Week 1 was a 1RM test week and I actually increased some of my lifts during my cut so that was fun.

    For week 2 I started a new phase or micro cycle and I really felt the extra calories kick in. I feel fuller and tighter and more energized.

    I went stimulant free in the middle of week 1 when I switched PwO. Went from Re1gn to Conqu3r Unleashed Stim Free and it felt pretty good. I don't sweat as much as I did on Re1gn but my energy didn't take a hit. Pumps are as good as always.

    I step on the scale every morning and use the weekly average to see how I progress. And during these two weeks I've only put on 0,3kg. Normally I'd increase my calories but because Christmas and New Years is around the corner there will be plenty of extra food. No need to add even more on top of that.

    All in all I'm very happy with the progress and I'm looking forward to week 3!

  5. Week 3 report

    So this week has been weird, ive actually dropped weight. My lowest weight was lower than when i was cutting and eating a substantial amount less than now. I wear a Fitbit all day and have been for years now and it hasnt shown any increase in caloric expenditure so I cant really explain the drop in weight. I did feel a bit tired the day before the low weigh in, but other than that everything has been great. Strength is up and energy in the gym is awesome.

    Im finishin up week 8 (of 12) of Ep1logue now and dont know if i can attribute the weight drop to that or if its just that my body, training and diet are at a point now that makes my body react really good. Either way im not complaining! I would add more food but that will be added automatically now that the holidays are here!

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  6. Every sunday I do my active recovery/weak point workout and I figured i could use that day to try out all the different PwO samples I have lying around. So Ill be logging those as well. The Workouts usually look something like this:

    Active Warm Up

    -Jog - 60 yds
    -Side Shuffle - 30 yds each way
    -Backpedal - 60 yds
    -Lunge Hip Opener - 30 yds
    -Dancer Pose - 30 yds
    -Easy Skip - 30 yds
    -Back Skip Hip Opener - 30 yds
    -Triple Hip - 30 yds
    -Walking High Kicks - 30 yds
    -Skipping High Kicks - 30 yds
    -High Knees - 30 yds


    -Bound Decelerations - 30 yds down and back
    -Bounding - 30 yds down and back
    -High Skip - 30 yds down and back

    Speed work
    -5 Band Resisted Accelerations - 15 Yds.'

    Weak Point Training Traps/neck/calves
    Wide grip Barbell shrug - 3x15-20
    Rope Lying Shrug - 3x15-20
    Plate loaded forward neck curl - 2x15-20
    Plate loaded neck extensions - 2x15-20

    Seated calf raise - 5 sets 20/15/12/10/8
    Standing calf raise - 4 sets 15/12/10/8

    Stretching and foam rolling


    Scitec Nutrition Raging Blood Strong RTD

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    0 carb, strong stimulant pre-workout drink with 1000 mg L-carnitine and 21 other ingredients

    My fiancee won this on an IG contest last week (i can seriously tag her in any contest and she wins, I dont get it!) and we decided to give it a go. Scitec is known to most I belive as they have a buttload of products, especially here in Europe they seem to be very popular. On their homepage they have this to say about this product:

    RAGING BLOOD STRONG is a hard-hitting, methodically formulated stimulant pre-workout, “pre-cardio” formula with 22 proven and popular ingredients.
    They were carefully selected and dosed to give instant support for intense training and cardio activities. Besides Caffeine it features L-Citrulline, Beta- Alanine, BCAAs and of course the ‘must have’ L-Carnitine!

    We had the Tropical Thunder taste and it was not that pleasant! She enjoyed it but I just thought it tasted bitter. But ive never had a RTD PwO that tasted summer and sunshine so I wasnt suprised.

    When you look at the formula you dont really thing "hard hitting PwO" and it didnt hit hard either. BUT we both got a good smooth energy that made the workout go really good. Im not one for high stim so the amount in this seems perfect for me. It does seem a bit underdosed on certain ingredients and I prefer to get my BCAAs intra instead of PwO but was fun to try out and all in all I had a pleasant experience with this one.

  7. I've been wanting to try some Evomuse products for a while and I finally got hold of some. They seem to be a rare commodity here in Europe. @dsade is a solid guy and his way of thinking is very unique.

    I got Gut Health because my fiancée has a stomach that really doesn't play well. She can't handle gluten or lactose and her bowel movements are pitiful. I've had her try different probiotics and digestive enzymes hoping this formula will work even better. I'm going to use it myself for health benefits but my stomach is pretty much cast iron and not much bothers it.

    The Defuse is also very exciting. I'm going to use it for my refeeds and splurges. I don't really get fat from my one day a week indulgence, but it will be interesting to see if my body reacts differently with this supplement thrown in the mix. @dsade recommended to take it with a GDA but I don't have that at hand right now. But @The Solution talked warmly about Predator by Chaos and Pain so I might see if I can't get a hold of that in the future.

  8. Week 4 report

    Had a great christmas with my family. In Sweden we celebrate Christmas Eve and we spent it with my fiancees parents. There we had a huge christmas dinner and I ate until i coudnt eat no more. That definitely helped me in the gym this week because ive been feeling fantastic.

    I had to work every day between christmas and new year. With that i decided to hit the gym before work so that I could spend the evening with the kids. So that meant up at 5am every day. At the end of the week I decided to start using Re1gn again just to be sure that my workouts didnt suffer. And man, Re1gn even at 1 scoop is fantastic for me. It gives me great workouts but it also seems to help keep me filled with energy for most of the day.

    This is my 4th week in a calorie surplus and my weight has barely increased.My plan now is to bulk the first week of january, then do a 2 week mini cut, before going back to a surplus. Ill then go 150-200 calories higher and see how that treats me.

    The two weeks of mini-cut will also mark my two last weeks using Ep1logue which then will have been a 12 week run. Ive seen a EU store sell Tr1umph at a discount and I think I might order 2 tubs from there and try it out. By then Massacr3 will have been out a while and I can check the feedback on it and see if it is worth giving a try.

    I know this thread isnt getting much action, but if anyone has any other suggestions id love to hear it. Remember I tried both FD2 and ABE without much results from them. And I prefer non hormonal supps. But fire away if you feel like it.

    Started Gut Health last night, excited about that. And tonight and tomorrow Defuse will be put to the test. I will probably have some ice cream tonight and tomorrow will be a full day of eating. So im thinking 3 caps 30 minutes before my cheat and tomorrow ill do the 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps 8-10 hours later. Then we will see how that goes!

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  9. Sounds like Ep1logue has treated you well - I'm starting a 2 bottle run myself. But assuming you'll be back to gainsville again soon, maybe another natty anabolic? Honestly, I'm not too up on what's come out lately. The addition of C&Ps GDA could be nice as I've heard good things too. Keep it up man! Happy new year!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Segansational View Post
    Sounds like Ep1logue has treated you well - I'm starting a 2 bottle run myself. But assuming you'll be back to gainsville again soon, maybe another natty anabolic? Honestly, I'm not too up on what's come out lately. The addition of C&Ps GDA could be nice as I've heard good things too. Keep it up man! Happy new year!
    Thanks man, Happy New Year to you too!

    It does feel like Ep1logue has had some effects on me. I havent gained any weight from it but it does look like im dropping bodyfat without dropping weight. So its doing something! Ill probably stick with Tr1umph for a couple of months unless something else comes along. Ive always wanted to give Or1gin a try but the price is just too high for me.

    A GDA was my next plan but ive seen a few people mentioning how Berberine might supress protein synthesis. Its hard enough to put on muscle without adding a supplement that might cause muscle athrophy. So ive put that on ice for the time being. Ill stick to just play around with Defuse for the time being.

  11. Hoping Ep1logue works well for me during this bit of a cut / recomp. Feel free to check out my log if you want to, on day 3 of adding it in.

  12. Week 5 report

    Happy new year!

    This week has been filled with changes, the biggest being my promotion to store manager of a supplement store. Ive been working part time there for 2 years and now its full time with a lot more responsibilities. Store hours are 10am to 6pm and ive decided that training before work is better for me and my family. That way I have my evening totally devouted to my kids and fiancee.

    So ive been getting up at 4:45am every day this week to meal prep, hit the gym and then directly to work. This in it self comes with its own challenges, mainly being able to keep my energy up through out the day. So ivew been taking Re1gn as my PwO the last week. 1 scoop is plenty for me and my energy last most of the work day as well. I have a tub of Alphamine at work just in case, that always gives me a clean and nice energy.

    Luckily I had a deload planned this week so I didnt have to go as hard at the gym. But I still put in the work and it felt great. It was also the last week of my bulk and my weight was artificially high because of my New Years splurge. Now im goin to run a 2 week mini-cut before going back on caloric surplus.

    Mini-Bulk Results:

    • Weight: +1kg (I step on the scale every day and calculate the weeks average. This week it was a bit higher because I ate ALOT on New Years)
    • All other body measurments remained the same

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    Im still lean so 2 weeks should be enough to just get a little reset. When I start my mini-bulk again I will increase my daily caloric intake with 100-200kcal as my weight didnt really increase that much during the 5 weeks.

    Mini-cut Diet:
    Ill keep carb cycling as usual. 4 medium days, 2 low days and 1 high day (cheat/refeed).

    • Medium days: 2500kcal - 190p/245c/80f (500kcal down from the mini-bulk)
    • Low days: 2000kcal - 180p/160c/70f (500kcal down from the mini-bulk)
    • High day: ∞kcal - ∞p/∞c/∞f

    I counted my Ep1logue caps expecting to have 2 weeks worth but I had almost 3 weeks. So we will see if i run the cut until i run out of those or stop at the 2 weeks mark.

  13. Congrats on the promotion!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Segansational View Post
    Congrats on the promotion!
    Thank you brother!

  15. Because of radically my scheduel has changed with my new position Ive been doing some tinkering with my first meal of the day. I get up early and hit the gym before work and prefer to have some food in me. But as its not that long a time from I get up until im at the gym Ive had to figure out what i react best to. I could train fasted and have done in the past. But for now I want to have some extra fuel in me.

    Ive also tried to find food that has other benefits, like probiotics, digestive enzymes etc. This is what ive come up with so far.

    • 4:40am - Alarm goes off
    • 4:50am - Drink a big glass of water with 10g Apple Cider Vinegar
    • 5:05am - 100g Kefir with 100g Pineapple and 1 Kiwi. 1 cup of coffee with 10g MCT, 150g Almond Milk and 0,5 scopp of SELECT (when im in a caloric surplus ill add a slice of toast to this as well)
    • 5:25am - Prepare food for the rest of the day
    • 6:20am - Drink my PwO with 20g of Vitargo and Ep1logue
    • 6:50am - Hit the gym and drink 2 scoops of Endur3+ during
    • 8:40am - Hit the showers
    • 9:30am - Arrive at work and drink my post workout shake - 1 Scoop SELECT, 100g blueberries and 1 banana.
    • 10:00am - Open the store

    So far it seems to be working really well so Ill stick with this for a while. Only thing im a litte unsure about is where to add my Tr1umph when I start that in a little over a week. I dont think its complicated and I can just drink it at 6:00am but maybe the experts wants to chime in.
    @xtyler @GNO @OlympusLabs @Woody @Synapsin @TrainerTone

  16. For me, Tr1umph sat too heavy in my stomach for pre-WO / intra. If you do try to go around your workout, I'd split it up pre and post.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Segansational View Post
    For me, Tr1umph sat too heavy in my stomach for pre-WO / intra. If you do try to go around your workout, I'd split it up pre and post.
    Thanks for your input brother. I hope ill be able to drink it one hour prior to the workout. If not Ive seen there are several options, like splitting it up like you suggest.

  18. Mini-cut week 1 report

    The first week in a caloric deficit has gone really well. Im down around 0,5kgs and right on schedule for a 2 week mini-cut before increasing my calories again. Neither strength nor energy has taken a hit and my workouts have all been awesome. Had a nice refeed on saturday evening and today monday my weights is back down to what it was on friday. So pretty much spot on what I had hoped for.

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    I changed up my PwO last week as well. Ive gone from Re1gn to Conqu3r Unleashed and Conqu3r Unleashed StimFree. I do 1 scoop of each as I dont need that much stim, and i gotta say its a very nice mix! I get smooth energy and nice pumps. Definitely not the same as Re1gn which at 1 scoop kicks my ass (in a good way). Re1gn also gave me a serious stim dick, something id gladly be without. But at 1 scoop per use the price of Re1gn is hard to beat. Ill definitely get another tub of that eventually.

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  19. That's a nice pre-WO combo! CU had a great formula. Still haven't jumped on the RE1GN bandwagon yet, but I have so many pre's stashed at the moment.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Segansational View Post
    That's a nice pre-WO combo! CU had a great formula. Still haven't jumped on the RE1GN bandwagon yet, but I have so many pre's stashed at the moment.
    Haha yeah Re1gn will still be there when you run out of all you have. I just learned that one of my stores house brands are coming out with a pump pwo with Vaso6 soon... Its everywhere!

  21. Good stuff in here, very meticulous! You have an amazing physique and to stay in this kind of shape year round is the dream. Well done!
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  22. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Good stuff in here, very meticulous! You have an amazing physique and to stay in this kind of shape year round is the dream. Well done!
    Thank you buddy! I do strive to keep my phsique and performance top notch year around and I really appriciate the positive words.

  23. Mini-Cut Week 2 Report

    Second and last week of this mini-cut in the can and it has gone swimmingly. Have not noticed any drop in energy or strength, but ive dropped some weight and fat, so a big success! Tonight im going to my inlaws for a huge dinner so that will be my refeed for this week, cant wait!

    Mini-Cut Results:

    • Weight: -1kg (I step on the scale every day and calculate the weeks average)
    • Waist: -1cm
    • Arms: +/-0
    • Chest: +/-0
    • Hips: +1cm
    • Tighs: -1cm
    • Calves: +1cm

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    Result seems pretty good, lost some fat on my waist and legs. Working hard on getting my calves back from an injury so good to see them grow, and my fiancee tells me my ass is small so im working on that as well! Weight drop was the exact amount of weight i gained during my 5 weeks mini-bulk.

    Mini-Bulk Diet:
    Plan was to increase my calories with 100-200 per day compared to my last mini-bulk. Since im adding Tr1umph to the mix then ill get my extra 100 calories from that. I got 3 tubs right now, only one that was available was Peaches´n Cream Sorbet and Unflavoured. I got one Unflavoured in case of days where i decide to train on an empty stomach. Then ill just mix the Tr1umph and PwO in one.

    Plan is to eat my breakfast, then 1 hour later drink the Tr1umph and 30 minutes after that my PwO.

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    My Intra will change a bit as well. I finished my last tub of Endur3+ but got one tub of Endur3 (EAA Edition) so will drink that with 20g HBCD during my workout.

    Name:  endur3.jpg
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    Ill keep carb cycling as usual. 4 medium days, 2 low days and 1 high day (cheat/refeed).

    • Medium days: 3150kcal - 202p/331c/106f (650kcal up from the mini-cut)
    • Low days: 2600kcal - 187p/248c/91f (600kcal up from the mini-cut)
    • High day: ∞kcal - ∞p/∞c/∞f

    This week will be a testing week for a new program so that should be very interesting. Ive signed up with FitnessCUlture (Steve Cooks new website) as I enjoyed their Big & Lean program, but not their price. Now its been reduced and they have a new app so im down to give it a try.

  24. Today was my last day on Ep1logue and my plan was to run a tub of Tr1umph solo before adding Or1gin. But, just as I took my last Ep1logue i got a message saying my Or1gin was ready to be picked up. I took this as a sign that I am supposed to start it tomorrow, so thats what im going to do! Im just finishing up my first week of this Mini-Bulk so it should be perfect to start it now.

    Ive been reading the Or1gin Q&A and 3 caps a day, 20-30 minutes before your biggest meals seems to be the recommended dosage. So Im gonna dose them like this.

    • 04.30am - 1 cap Or1gin
    • 05.00am - Meal 1
    • 06.00am - Tr1umph
    • 06.30am - PwO
    • 09.30am - Post Workout Shake
    • 11.00am - 1 cap Or1gin
    • 11.30am - Meal 2
    • 2.30pm - Meal 3
    • 5.30pm - Meal 4
    • 9.00pm - 1 cap Or1gin
    • 9.30pm - Meal 5

    I also take digestive enzymes with meal 2 and 5. And Gut Health with Meal 5.

    Does this look like a solid setup or have i missed something? @xtyler @GNO @OlympusLabs @Woody @Synapsin @TrainerTone

    Name:  27153285_10155918518066181_1353977063_n.jpg
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  25. Looks fine. But how heavy is meal 1? Bottom line is use Orig1n prior to your biggest meals even if not pre-wo
    Olympus Labs Rep - DemiGod
    For OL related questions e-mail me at [email protected]
    Use GNO30 for 30% off


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