Trying to cut

  1. Trying to cut

    Iv decided I need to try and cut some body fat. Never cut before as I was an o-lineman in hs and college and always needed to gain weight so this is very new for me. Been in apx 500 cal deficet going on 3 weeks now, iv gone from 268 to 253.5. I lost a bit too much too quick but I havent seen any strength decrease just maybe lost a rep here and there. My goal is obv lean out as much as possible but to keep if not gain strength. Il start posting my workouts each day to help keep up with everything and I hope you guys can give some good advice. My goals as I said before are to lean out while keeping strength, i think me best weight will be around 225 lb so that will be the taget weight for now. I will post todays workout shortly, any advice/criticism Is appreciated guys, thanks

  2. Any idea what your Body fat percentage is currently?
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  3. Any idea what your body fat percentage is currently?
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  4. Havent had it checked but im estimating 15% im 6’ 3” which dosent necessarily matter but it gives you an idea

  5. Chest and back today

    Bench press: 185 x 10
    205x8, 225x6, 250x4, 275x2, drop set @225 til failure which was 8

    Incline db press: 60lbx 12, 60x12 75lbx 12

    Low cable flys (trying to focus on lower pec) 3 sets of 12 @ 22.5 resistance (i think its 45lbs)

    Bent over bb rows: 135lb x 10, 155lbx8, 175x6, drop set to 135x 12

    Lat pull downs: 120lbx12, 125x12, 130x12

    Seated row (uses plates): 90lbsx 15, 130lbx12, 180lb x 10

    Finished with pec dec flys: 150lb for 15 pause reps

  6. Looks like some decent numbers. Are you currently taking any supplements?
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  7. I do take pre workout, shatter revolution and my post workout is always 60g of protein, i use gnc wheybolic power or nitro tech power. Today was nitro tech

  8. Arms and legs today

    Preacher curl machine: 3x10 @75lb
    **I kinda use this to warm up and also bc I do super sets on arms and the first is a tri set that uses 2 tricep exercises and only 1 bicep**

    Close grip bench: 135lb x 15, 185 x 10, 185x8
    Ez bar curls: 85lb 3x 6
    Skull crushers: 85lb 3x 6

    Sitting over head tricep extension: 80lb 3x 8
    Preacher curl machine: 90lb 3x8

    Ez bar push down: 150lb 3x10
    Hammer curls with rope: 100lb 3x10

    Single arm curls on pulley machine: 14 resistance 3x12
    Bent over tricep ext (same machine): 14 resistance 3x12


    Leg extensions: 120lb x 15, 150lb x 15, 150lb x 15
    Calf raises: 3x15 235lb

    Seated reverse leg curls: 3x15 60lbs, last set I did 70lbs

    Threw in a set of 25 crunches and 2 sets of 15 lower back raises

  9. Chest and back

    Decline bench press: 5x5 @ 225lb,230lb,235lb,240lb,245lb then drop set of 135lb for 20 reps

    Incline db bench: 70lb x12, 75lb x12, 80lb x 11

    Cable flys: 24.5 resistance x12, 26 resistance x 12, 27.5 resistance x 12

    Seated rows: 1 plate for 15 reps, 1plate and a quarter for 12 reps, 2 plates for 12 reps

    Bent over bb rows: 135x10, 155lbx10, 175lbx7, drop set to 135 for 13 reps

    Lat pull downs: 125x12, 130x12,135x12,drop set 120x12


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