Journey to the East (training log)

  1. Journey to the East (training log)

    It has been sometime AM, but I'm back with a more unique mindsent and goals than before.
    Will be in Thailand to train for a month, a training vacation if you'd call it something.

    Plan on making this log mainly for prepping but might still update while over.

    Over there I will be training roughly 5hrs a day in MT, with a possibility of some BJJ and wrestling work thrown in alongside my own strength training programming.

    If you don't remember my past, my current goals will seem normal so brief history, I was way into getting bigger and stronger at all and any cost, ended up losing lots of mobility and cardiovascular system was broken to keep it simple lol one set of stairs had me dying.

    Current goals are working on mobility, joints, and cardiovascular system with maintaining strength levels. Also, I am cutting weight making it a challenge but I have been cutting since April, went from 180+ range to 170 below range, trying to get to 160 before departure.

    I leave for my trip on August 29 and will be there like September 1

    Mon/wed/fri: strength days 5/3/1 template modified with 5s instead (was in book) with some other junk sprinkled on

    Tues/thur: boxing- got a coach and train for 2hrs with him

    Thinking might toss in some jogging in next week, I've cycled it in and out of my training alongside with sprints

    Cutting don't really heavily track calories or macros except for protein, but my weight has gone done gradually tho next week might need to get strict with it as I'm weighing 168 and wanted to be 160

  2. August 4th
    Today is kind of a Hail Mary day in the gym, just go in and do what I feel not really programmed or anything, just make sure to hit abs for sure but everything else is fair game or not.

    Switched protein powders currently using Carnivore, which is a beef based powder, the taste is excellent but is very thick and strong flavored as I usually take 3 scoops at a time but can only handle 2

  3. August 7th
    Weekend was a bit crazy with girlfriend or better said my ex-girlfriend now. Didn't really effect me too much and had a whole day with my boys so My head is on right. Also got a photo shoot done as my friend is a photographer, mainly in casual wear but also got some shots in my Muay Thai gear.

    Weight fluctuations happened a bit this weekend anywhere from 166-169 so plan on fixing that this week and staying strict, I was solid Saturday but family wanted to do bottomless TGI.

    To clean up my act I plan on counting macros and such starting tomorrow, I would today though I have a **** ton of chicken and yellow rice already cooked and didn't get the macros down on either. So today would be a really rough estimate.

    Strength Training-
    63x5,72x5,81x5 percentages on deads and overhead press.
    Neck curls 3x10x10lbs (both ways)
    Chin-ups 3x10xbw
    Cable crunch 3x15x50
    Leg raise 3x20xbw

    I work everyday this week so my western boxing schedule is tba, usually go in morning to coach

  4. August 9th
    Tuesday did some mild boxing with some makeshift heavy bag i crafted. Also got some weight work done but nothing substantial.

    Strength Training-
    63x5,72x5,81x5 on squat and bench
    Bench fly: 90lbs 3x10rep
    Pushdown: pyramid up from 40 to 110
    Leg raises: 3x15xbw
    Neck curls: 3x10x10 (kind of tweaked my neck a bit on these so need to warm up better)

  5. August 11th
    Weight dropped hella last night because the prior day I didn't have many carbs, weighing at 162.7 which is really close to my goal weight. This week has been busy with lots of loops n turns in my personal life but things are still looking good. Got my carry on bag and already have packed a good amount of my things

    Rows: 5x225, 5x245, 3x2x275
    Lat PD: 5x10x95
    Face pull: 3x10x150
    Side lateral cable: 4x10x20
    Front cable raise: 5x10x50
    Bicep curls: pyramid up to 35
    Leg raises: 4x10xbw
    Crunches: 3x10x8lbs
    15min walk

  6. August 14th
    Got my visa in the mail so we are looking green to go. Last week was full of craziness but this week is looking a lot more chill and will be able to get to my boxing coach which is gonna be busting my balls lol. Got a bit of a cough going not sure what it is, I was chilling with this girl that was sick and think she may of gave it to me srs haha well at least it isn't herpes. I need a deload like no other my strength is dropping faster than the preachers daughters pantys

    Never really like doing leg raises because could never feel them in the abs but recently got the connection and loving it

    Deadlift/overhead with 68x5,77x5,86x5
    Chin-ups: 2x10xbw
    Lat PD: 3x10x90
    Neck curls: 2x10x5, 1x10x10
    Weighted crunches: 3x10x8lb
    Leg raises: 2x10xbw

  7. August 16th
    Didn't update yesterday but did head over to boxing coach and wasn't as bad of a session. Possibly because I recovered better without the mixture of boxing and strength training or generally just needed a deload. Haven't had a deload in some time and didn't really think on departing from boxing but now that I am kind of sickly it makes sense. Squats today felt really good but I only have one more full week till I head over to Thailand and don't know how much weight stuff ill be handling. So possibly will leave training maxes as is and see how I feel.

    Squat/bench at 68x5,77x5,86x5
    Dips: 3x10x90
    One arm pull down: 3x10x20
    Flys: 3x10x90
    Leg raises: 3x10xbw
    Weighted crunches: 3x10x8
    Walk 15min

  8. August 18th
    Running into some vehicle issues which set my budget down a bit for the trip, not by much though. Didn't end up going to boxing on Thursday because of vehicle issues so plan on doing some stuff at home later on.

    Strength Training
    Rows: 5x135, 5x225, 3x275
    Calf raises: 4x15x90
    Face pulls: 3x15x90
    Cable pull down: 3x10x20
    Curls: pyramid up to 35
    Cheat curls: 2x3x135
    Bench toss: 3x10x135
    Leg raises: 3x10xbw

  9. August 21st
    Changed up programming to have more volume this week as this will be my last full week until I'm over in Thailand, which my flight is next Wednesday. It's the last stretch and goals haven't been reached though we will see how this weeks turns out but don't the goal will be met.

    Dead/bench with 5x59,5x67,5x77
    curls 10x10x20
    Tricep Pushdown machine 10x10x90
    Wrist curl 10x10x40
    Chest fly 5x10x20
    Neck curl: 6x10x5
    Leg raises: 5x10xbw

  10. August 22nd

    Sadly no boxing today. Might toss gloves on later for some at how stuff but work schedule has me a bit messed up this week.

    Bench toss 5x10x95
    One arm pull down: 10x10x20
    Face pull rope 5x10x20
    Bw row 3x10
    Weighted crunch: 5x10x8

  11. August 23rd
    Weight dropping like crazy these past few days, added in some clen so might be doing some wonders, but I only dose twice a week. Weight is at 162.8

    Also added in some heel raises to counteract the caves raisers as my ankles get stiff if I don't.

    Row 3x5x245
    Leg press 10x10x225
    Rear flys 10x10x50
    Calf raise 10x10x90
    Heel raise: 10x10xbw

  12. What is goal?
    More muscle=More strenght=More self confidence

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Janet64 View Post
    What is goal?
    To improve endurance and drop down to 160, so that I can fight at 145.


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