Party Marty's Workout Log

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  1. Party Marty's Workout Log

    This will be a log that is just about my workouts. I like to post my workouts in a public place so that it holds me accountable. I will also post what I am taking at the moment and that will change. Note that if I get selected for a sponsored log, I will take a break and start a new thread for it, then come back at the end of it. I will weigh myself at the start of each month. Let's do this.
    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  2. I was really tired today and it carried over to the gym. It was chest day and I made it a little shorter than normal.

    My supplements I'm taking right now are:

    EVL Trans4orm 2x

    MyProtein Impact Whey Protein - Strawberry Cream - 2 scoops

    EVL Trans4orm 2x
    Hi-Tech Off the Chain Aminos - Sweet Tea - 1 scoop
    Muscletech Neurocore - Watermelon - 1 scoop

    (Today)Gaspari Nutrition Precision Protein - Blueberry Muffin - 2 scoops
    (After today) MyProtein Impact Whey Protein - Cinnamon Bun - 3 scoops

    My workout today was:

    Incline Hammer Strength Press 225x3x10, 225x1x8
    Flat Close Grip Bench Press Machine 150x3x10
    Pec-Deck Flies 205x3x12

    Elliptical Steady State Cardio 30 minutes
    Sauna 10 minutes
    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

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  4. Can I recommend you do more exercises? Not sure if your still cutting but you'd get more out of it.
    Steady state cardio = waste of time. It's too short or too slow paced.
    Sauna= waste of time. You'd be get more out of being in a freezer.

  5. I usually do more. I had a bad day, no energy. It almost became a rest day, but instead was a shorter workout day. I will think about your words regarding the cardio, though.
    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  6. I started doing the sauna for 10 minutes at the tail end because I liked the way it felt. I know the science is questionable on its effects.

    That being said, I will go ahead and shake things up. This is why I decided to post these logs publicly. Today, I will do a full workout day for shoulders and then 20 minutes of HIIT. My time is limited in the gym so I will put the extra 20 minutes saved from cutting 10 minutes of SS and another 10 from the sauna into weightlifting. That will be the intention moving forward. Each week will be 5 days on and 2 days off. One rest day will always be Friday. The second rest day will usually be Saturday, but it will float if I can actually get to the gym that morning. This weekend, I will be at the MVA (MD's version of the DMV) changing my license...
    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  7. Today was my first day of doing HIIT and having a bigger focus on weightlifting. It was a shoulder day.

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 205x4x10
    Seated DB Side Lateral Raises 30x4x10
    Seated DB Front Raises 30x4x10
    Upright Rows 80x4x10
    Barbell Shrugs 225x1x10, 275x3x10
    Rope Face Pulls 77.5x4x10
    Seated DB Press 50x3x10, 50x1x8

    HIIT Treadmill Cardio 20 minutes

  8. Back day. I killed it and we're going on a hike later. This is going to be rough.

    I also used my sample of Controlled Labs' White Rapids Pineapple preworkout. It gave me a nice energy and it sustained through my entire workout.; The flavor was a little chalky and tart, but was by no means undrinkable. I'd say the effects of the product were worth the taste.

    Seated Cable Row 175x4x10
    Row Machine 270x4x10
    High Row Machine 225x1x10, 275x3x10
    Prone Incline DB Rows 65x4x8
    Lat Pulldown Behind Head 180x4x10
    Straight-Arm Cable Pushdown 62.5x4x10

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  9. I was still pretty sore from the hike at Billy Goat Trail A yesterday and my energy level wasn't where I wanted it to be. Despite that, I had a nice arm day.

    Standing EZ-Bar Curls 80x5x10
    Cross Hammer Curls 45x4x8
    Seated Incline DB Curls 30x4x10
    Lying Triceps Extensions 80x3x12
    Seated DB Skullcrushers 70x4x10
    V-Bar Cable Pushdown 82.5x4x10

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

    Here are some pictures from the hike yesterday:

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    Name:  BGT2.jpg
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    Name:  BGT3.jpg
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  10. It was a leg day today. My legs are still a bit tender from the hike but I put in a decent day. For whatever reason, the Off the Chain Aminos hit me harder than usual and I actually didn't even take a PWO today.

    Leg Extension Machine 190x6x10
    Lying Leg Curl Machine 100x6x12
    Leg Press 360x1x10, 450x3x10

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

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    Name:  20170703_191319.jpg
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    I also tried a sample of Dymatize ISO100 peanut butter protein today after my workout. It was on the thin side (which is a good thing) and reminded me of a peanut butter cookie. There is a big difference between peanut butter and a peanut butter cookie to me, although I can't really word what that difference is. I enjoyed the protein and would gladly have it again. Peanut butter cookies are some of my favorite cookies.

  11. Rest Day. Happy Fourth of July!

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    Name:  20170704_212558.jpg
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    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  12. Chest Day. Today was Monday 2.0 because of the holiday yesterday but once I got into the gym, I felt great.

    Flat Bench Press 185x4x10
    Incline Hammer Strength Press 225x4x10
    Incline DB Press 65x4x10
    Incline DB Flies 27.5x4x10
    Pec Deck Flies 70x4x10
    Pushup Burnout

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  13. Shoulder Day. Woot, woot!

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 205x4x10
    Seated DB Side Lateral Raises 30x4x10
    Seated DB Front Raises 30x4x10
    Upright Rows 80x4x10
    Barbell Shrugs 275x4x10
    Seated DB Press 50x4x10

    HIIT Treadmill Cardio 20 minutes

    I also bought some Fat Gripz Extremes and will probably only use them during bicep workouts. I am excited to get some forearm work in since I mostly neglect them...

  14. Name:  20170706_201802.jpg
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    Name:  20170706_201810.jpg
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    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  15. We're going to the ridiculous 3-story mall near me to go birthday shopping for my dad and grandma. Before that, though, I went to the gym for a back day. I had more energy today because I slept in and felt great. I also threw on some curls with my new Fat Gripz Extreme and they were rough. My poor forearms had no chance. I will have to figure out how to utilize them in my workouts.

    Seated Cable Row 175x4x10
    Row Machine 270x4x10
    High Row Machine 275x4x10
    Bentover Barbell Rows 135x1x10, 155x4x10
    Lat Pulldown Behind Head 180x4x10
    Seated Alternating DB Curls with Fat Gripz Extreme 30x4x10

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  16. Decided to weigh in today. I came in at:

    270.9 lbs
    32.6% fat

    Leg Day. Again, I felt good due to more sleep than usual. I popped my Dymatize sweet cherry lime preworkout sample and found it to be quite nice. It mixed thin with 12 oz of water and tasted just like cherry sours or gummy worms. 10-15 minutes later, I had tingles in my lips and ears. I didn't have any noticeable crash during my workout either.

    Name:  Dymatize PWO 1.jpg
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    Name:  Dymatize PWO 2.jpg
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    Name:  Dymatize PWO 3.jpg
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    Leg Extension Machine 190x6x10
    Lying Leg Curl Machine 100x6x12
    Leg Press 450x4x10
    Slow Barbell Squats 135x4x10
    Seated Calf Raises 90x4x12

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  17. I mixed things up today and went to my apartment gym for arm day. I busted out my Fat Grip Extremes for some forearm action as well. At my LA Fitness, I'm nothing special, but at my apartment gym, I'm apparently an unearthly monster so that's always fun.

    Fat Grip Hammer Curls 20x6x12
    Fat Grip DB Skullcrushers 20x6x12
    Seated Alternating DB Curls 45x4x10
    Rope Push Down (Apt) 100x4x12
    Straight Bar Cable Curls (Apt) 110x4x10
    Overhead Rope Extensions (Apt) 100x4x12

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  18. Involuntary rest day due to having to pack to be ready to drive to Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH directly after work tomorrow (6-ish hours) Ugh....

  19. Alright. I'm back in town and back in the groove. Today was a chest day. I got my HyperMax XT and will be posting in a separate log for it as well 3x per week for the next month. I will start using it tomorrow.

    Flat Bench Press 185x4x10
    Incline Hammer Strength Press 225x4x10
    Pec Deck Flies 205x4x10
    Incline Close Grip Bench Press Machine 150x4x10

    HIIT Elliptical 20 minutes

  20. Today, I started my HyperMax XT Strawberry Kiwi log. It seems like a very powerful and effective PWO.I tweaked my back in Cleveland and that effected me today but the HMXT got me so amped, I powered right through it for my shoulder workout. I did drop cardio and one of my exercises, though, because of it.

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 205x4x10 185x2x10
    Seated DB Side Lateral Raises 30x4x10
    Seated DB Front Raises 30x4x10
    Cable Shrugs (Slow) 150x4x12

  21. Well, my back is grits. My wife had to help me put my socks on today and I am alternating sitting and standing at my desk at work. This happened about a year and a half ago and then it went away, but my lower back hasn't felt strong as long as I can remember. I think it's spinal and my wife and I agreed I should probably get x rays soon after we go to Pennsylvania this weekend. This is so frustrating. I see people do bad form deadlifts and squats all day, every day and because of my back, I never push it, but still somehow got screwed again...

    It hurts to even stand still, but I am at least going to walk and try to keep some kind of exercise up during this...

  22. Alright. I am feeling infinitely better. I will go back to the gym tomorrow. It might just be just for cardio, but I'm hoping I feel good enough to maybe do arms. My back is still tender and I am doing a decent amount of walking to keep the blood moving. At this point, it is mildly uncomfortable but not painful.
    "They say the meek will inherit the Earth,
    But the ground they’ve left us is barren cold."

  23. I hit the gym today and I felt good. I took special care not to bend over and completely let my back take the brunt of the weight. It was a nice arm day and the involvement of the FatGripz got some forearm action into the workout. It is worth noting that I began a 2-month keto yesterday. I have started to hit the keto flu, I believe, and if it is like last time, I will feel pretty drained throughout the whole process. That being said, the HyperMax XT I am logging is helping a lot and making me feel awesome in the gym. I will be leaning on it for sure!

    My starting stats for my 2-month keto diet:

    271.7 lbs
    32.4% body fat

    Name:  Marty body front 07.25.2017.jpg
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    Name:  Marty body side 07.25.2017.jpg
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    Name:  Marty body back 07.25.2017.jpg
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    Here was my workout today:

    Standing EZ-Bar Curls 80x6x10
    FatGripz Hammer Curls 25x6x10
    Incline Alternating DB Curls 32.5x3x8
    Lying DB Tricep Extension 32.5x6x10
    Rope Pushdowns 57.5x6x10

    Elliptical HIIT 20 minutes

  24. Day 3 of keto. Keto flu is hitting hard, but because of my HyperMax XT, I had a nice shoulder workout. I worked out in my apartment gym, which is pretty lacking with only dumbbells that go up to 50s, but luckily, my shoulder routine doesn't require much more. If I was at LA Fitness, I would have done some heavy barbell shrugs and Hammer Strength Military Press, but I was already home and it's a 30 second walk to my apartment gym. I can't complain.

    Standing Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises 30x6x10
    Standing Dumbbell Fron Raises 30x6x10
    Dumbbell Shrugs with 3-Sec Holds 50x6x10
    Rope Face Pulls 77.5x6x10

    HIIT Elliptical Machine 20 minutes

  25. (copied from my HyperMax XT log)

    My back feels great finally, although my energy levels are taking a hit from keto. I have decided to start experimenting with bouillon cubes for extra sodium and magnesium tablets to try to get more non-preworkout-based energy.

    That being said, HyperMax XT came to the rescue. I mixed it with 16 ounces of water, mixed great again. I'm starting to enjoy the flavor more and more and the energy has been a godsend. As usual, I enjoyed an increased heart rate and more sweat more than normal. I also have enjoyed the pump, but my endurance has been taking a hit due to keto and lack of sleep. I have enjoyed HyperMax XT a lot and am so glad I have a lot of days left of it.

    Flat Barbell Bench Press 185x2x10, 185x2x8
    Incline Hammer Strength Chest Press 225x3x8, 225x2x6
    Pec Deck Flies 205x6x10
    Freemotion Chest Press 45x1x10, 50x2x10, 60x3x10

    HIIT Elliptical Cardio 20 mins


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