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  1. Bcr50 is back again

    Hello everyone. I am back to logging again after a long time removed from this forum. I started logging my junior year of high school and did it faithfully until college started.

    I continued to lift throughout college. Also, I really missed football, but due to previous injuries I wasn't able to continue my sport in college. As a result, I walked in and played collegiate soccer throughout my time at university. I recently graduated with a BS in biochemistry and will begin my PhD in cancer biology this fall.

    I decided that I wanted to log my routine again. However, I decided against using my original profile due to my username being to obviously connected to my real identity. Therefore, I will be using this account as my new main!

    I will be updating almost every day with everything from my lifting to my reading. I really missed getting input from this community and hopefully I will stick with logging for the years to come!

    Anyone is more than welcome to provide feedback and follow my journey!


  2. Here is an update on my stats:

    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5 ft 9 in
    Weight: ~ 185 lbs (will give official weight with first exercise log)
    Bench max: 295 (note that all maxes are what I currently can do, not my max of all time)
    Squat: 315
    Deadlift: 345
    OHP: 180

  3. Bcr50 is back again

    Here is an update on my life:

    I recently graduated with a BS in biochemistry. I will be starting my PhD at Duke. I am extremely excited for the transition. I will spend this summer back home. Since my funding is extremely nice, I will not have to work this summer. As a result, I am focusing on improving myself both physically and mentally.

    I am taking a few courses through MIT in coding this summer, and I have a long list of books that I want to make my way through. Currently, I am reading Stephen King's It since the new movie is coming out in September.

    I recently purchased a bicycle and I am going to work on increasing my fitness in this area. I am planning to bike to work. It is only 1.5 mile each way, but I want to be comfortable so I do not sweat that much going back and forth between home and the laboratory.

    In the gym: before the end of undergrad I was a few weeks in to Madcows 5x5. Since I had 8 graduate school interview ranging from the east to the west coast, I was not able to consistently progressed as I hope. Therefore, when I start at the gym again next week. I hopefully will have a small period where my body will get acclimated again to the gym.

    This is my first summer in three years where I am fully focusing on the gym. All of the summers of undergrad, I worked full time in a molecular biology laboratory. This led to me basically maintaining my strength from high school. So I am excited to push myself in the gym again!
  4. Bcr50 is back again


    Wt: 191.8
    Bike ride: 3.66 miles in 23 min 05 sec.

    I am relatively happy with this time for my introductory route. My goal is to do this route until I pedal the entire time and it feels relatively easy. Then I will move on to my path that's a little under 5 miles. Not a perfect first ride, but I'll take it.
  5. Bcr50 is back again

    Morning supps:
    Fish oil, creatine, vitamin D

  6. I am currently working my way through a bunch of Stephen King novels. I have already read 11/22/62 and the Dark Tower series. I am about a quarter of the way through It. I am wondering if anyone has an opinion of what other of his books are worth a read! Let me know!

  7. In for your log! IT is amazing, but it is the only Stephen King book I have read. I believe the movie coming out this year is suppose to follow the book more closely.. Not sure if you have seen the old film for TV with Tim Curry as Pennywise?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mowglisml View Post
    In for your log! IT is amazing, but it is the only Stephen King book I have read. I believe the movie coming out this year is suppose to follow the book more closely.. Not sure if you have seen the old film for TV with Tim Curry as Pennywise?
    I actually watched the film last week. I really enjoyed Curry's portrayal of Pennywise. This is why I am concerned for Skarsgov's because it will always be compared to one of the most iconic acting roles in the past 30 years!

  9. Yea he did a great job. Hopefully they get it right! Either way, the read itself will always be best

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Mowglisml View Post
    Yea he did a great job. Hopefully they get it right! Either way, the read itself will always be best
    Totally agree my man!
  11. Bcr50 is back again


    Today is my off day from any official workout. I took the dog for a walk this morning and I'll mow the lawn after the sun drops. Today mainly is going to be spent working on my Spanish with Rossetta stone and watching the buccos against the nationals!
  12. Bcr50 is back again


    Wt: 191.4 lbs

    Bicycle: 3.66 miles in 20 min 22 secs.

    I realize that my cardio is absolutely dreadful compare to my other stats. So I am okay that my times are not great in comparison to most people. I did today cut almost 3 minutes off my time from two days ago. So I am hoping I am a fast "grower" here! This is my cardio only week, next week I'll throw in core, and the week after I'm back to the gym!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Bcr50 View Post
    I am currently working my way through a bunch of Stephen King novels. I have already read 11/22/62 and the Dark Tower series. I am about a quarter of the way through It. I am wondering if anyone has an opinion of what other of his books are worth a read! Let me know!
    The Dark Half and The Shining are pretty decent imo.
    ARA/ Evomuse Log.... Follow and laugh at my mediocre results http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/282586-evomuse-ara-log.html#post5403818

  14. Hey everyone! Sorry about the delay! We had an emergency at the laboratory so I had to take a trip down to Pittsburgh the last couple days!
  15. Bcr50 is back again


    I finally figured out my move in date, got an apartment 1.0 mile from campus, and got my gym membership.

    I decided that I am going to do MadCow's Stronglift 5 x 5 with some additional accessory work.

    I will officially start the program next Monday. I had a solid estimate maxes for all the lifts except for bench since I am going to low ball all of them. So today I performed max progression to estimate my bench.

    Bike to the gym: 2.5 miles
    Bench (hypothesized max 290 lbs): 145/5 175/3 200/2 230/1 260/1 275/1 290/1
    Slingshot bench: 225/5 225/5 225/5
    Close grip bench: 135/8 135/6 135/4
    Sauna: 10 mins
    Bike ride home: 2.5 miles

    Overall I am beyond happy with results from today. I thought that there was no way I would get 290, but after 275 came up easy I had high hopes. I would say that 290 was 7/10 in difficultly!

    I didn't want to do much more because it was my first day in a gym in almost a month and I am a big believer of weening yourself back in!

    Supplements: Fish oil, creatine, vitamin d

  16. 6/12/2017

    Week 1 Day 1 of Stronglifts 5 x 5 with Chest accessory work

    Please note that I am aware how "sad" my squat numbers are compared to my bench. I had a major back injury playing football in high school and reaggravated it my Junior year of soccer in college. My goal is to gradually work my squats/deadlifts up to a number that correlates with the rest of my body. I recognize that this is a 15-20 year plan. I do not want to blow my back out at 22 year old because my ego is too big to let myself squat numbers less than 300.

    Weight- 191.2 lbs

    Bench: 120/5 150/5 185/5 210/5 240/5 - This came extremely easy. All of the reps were solid with a ~1 sec pause at the my chest. I am expecting great growth here.
    Squat: 110/5 135/5 160/5 190/5 215/5- My hubris is telling me to grab a second plate. While, my brain says that it will come with time and consistency. Its a humbling experience to say the least. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is your squat
    Row: 75/5 90/5 110/5 125/5 145/5- I have never really rowed before. So I picked a number I was comfortable with and I will grow from here. Watching YouTube videos and other tutorials to get my form down. Form before weight is another motto I live by.

    Chest Accessory
    Slingshot Bench Press: 230/5 230/5 275/3.8- I gave myself a 3.8 on my set of heavy slings because my lifting partner grab it right at the end. We just started lifting together, and he is relatively new to the gym. So he confused my animal-like grunt with a cry for help. I can't complain. I'd rather him initially be overtly cautious than checking his snapchat as I snap my neck with a couple hundred pounds
    Incline Bench Press 135/8 135/6 135/4- Once again an old injury is making me starting out at a safe weight. Four years in a soccer net coupled with four years of hitting people in football has caused this movement to be more stressful than usual. I want to start low and bring myself up.
    Dumbbell Bench Press 80/ 6 80/4 80/2

    Bike Ride: 3.3 miles each way

  17. 6/13/2017

    Week 1 Day 2- Accessory day 1

    Weight- 190.6 lbs

    Barbell curls: 55/10 55/8 55/6
    Fat grip barbell curls: 45/12 45/10 45/8
    Sitting nose crushers: 50/8 50/6 50/4
    Dumbbell shoulder press: 40/10 40/8 40/6
    EZ bar curls: 60/8 60/6 60/4
    EZ bar triceps: 60/6 60/4 60/2
    Arnolds: 25/10 25/8 25/6
    21's: 45/ 1set
    10's: 15/1 set

    Hanging leg raise: 12 10 8
    Leg raise: 14 12 10
    Crunch machine: 50 50

  18. 6/14/2017

    Week 1 Wednesday- Accessory day 1

    Weight- 193.2 lbs

    Squat: 110/5 135/5 160/5 190/5
    Deadlift: 140/5 170/5 195/5 225/5
    Overhead press: 85/5 100/5 120/5 135/5

    Back and Shoulder Accessory
    Corner rows: 90/8 90/6 90/4
    Barbell shrugs: 135/18 135/16 135/14
    Pull-ups: 4 4 3
    Cable delts: 35/12 45/10 45/8
    Cable pulldown 90/8 90/6 90/4
    Smith machine pullups 7 6 5

  19. 6/16/2017

    Week 1 Stronglifts 5 x 5

    Weight- 194.2 lbs

    Bench: 120/5 150/5 180/5 210/5 245/3 180/8
    Squat: 110/5 135/5 160/5 190/5 225/3 160/8
    Row: 75/5 90/5 110/5 125/5 150/3 110/8

    Bicycle: 6.6 miles (to and from gym)

    This was a really good first week. All of my Stronglift sets were great. I feel that I have a great foundation to continue to grow over the next 11 weeks of the program. In regards to bench, the heaviest weight was 245/3. I bet I could have gotten at least three more. The squats felt solid and I am comfortable moving up next week! Rows seem a little light, but I am glad I am giving myself time to learn the movement before hitting truly challenging weight!

    I will take Saturday and Sunday off and start again on Monday!

  20. 6/16/2017

    I finished It about a week ago. I can't truly expressed how awesome I thought the book was. I am glad I took the time and experienced that story. I decided after reading a 400k+ word book that I wanted my next one to be quicker and less all encompassing. The particle at the end of the universe by Sean Carroll just arrived today, and I pumped to get into it. I've read great things about how Carroll characterizes the importance of the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson and the foundational components of the standard model.

  21. 6/18/2017

    Off days were good. I have a four year old border collie and on both days I walked her down to the beach. She loves to swim out and play fetch in the lake. I am planning to take her swimming at least twice a week until I head to to Duke.

    I am almost done with the Particle at the end of the Universe. It's a good read. Highly informational and provides a great background of the Standard Model. I followed the CERN announcements of the Higgs Boson closely back 2013. It's of intellectual satisfaction to now understand the importance of the discovery of the Higgs boson, the science behind Higgs, and the process to do it. I should finish either Monday or Tuesday, then I have The Gene: an Intimate History next on the list. This one is more of my science flavor so I am pumped.

    Finally, I think I have my summer lifting partner resolved. I am the type of guy that prefers having a lifting partner. I feel that it has a better flow both set wise and time in the gym. I don't listen to music, and prefer to have a gym talk when I'm there. Plus, I feel that it pushes me harder to see my lifting partner killing sets. During undergrad, I had an extremely dedicated lifting partner. However, since I am home for the summer and most of my high school friends are either gone working in another place or gave up exercising somewhere in college, I have struggled finding a lifting partner. I saw a kid I had physics with in high school at the gym on last Tuesday. I sold him on 5x5, and I hope he sticks with it at least till I leave in August!

    Ready to rock next week!

  22. Hell yah dude! Subbed!
    Training log:


  23. Btw, go Cubs. (Saw you mentioned the bucs earlier, had to)
    Training log:


  24. Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    Btw, go Cubs. (Saw you mentioned the bucs earlier, had to)
    Welcome my man! Don't worry! It'll be our year once Marte is no longer suspended, Kang is allowed back into the country, Cutch returns to his old form in the 3rd spot, and we have a pitcher besides Nova that can throw together two quality starts in a row!

  25. 6/19/2017

    Week 2 Monday of Stronglifts 5 x 5 with Chest accessory work

    Bench: 125/5 155/5 185/5 210/5 240/5
    Squat: 110/5 140/5 165/5 195/5 220/5
    Row: 75/5 95/5 115/5 130/5 150/5

    Chest Accessory
    Slingshot Bench Press: 280/4 280/3 280/2
    Incline Bench Press: 145/8 135/6 135/4
    Dumbbell Bench Press: 80/10 80/8 80/6
    Chest Dips: 8 6 4
    Cable Flys: 40/10 40/8 40/6

    Hanging leg raise: 6 6 6
    Leg raise: 18 16 14
    Crunch machine: 100
    Planks: 3 min
    Ab set: 1 time through

    For future reference ab set is a superset routine of:
    Weighted pushes: 10 lbs/ 25
    Toe touches: 25
    Bicycles: 30 a side
    Oblique pushes: 10 lbs/ 25 a side
    Knees to elbows: 25 a side
    Prayers: 25
    Eagles: 25

    Sauna: 10 minutes

    Something new I am going to start is a quote of the day. It may be something that resonates with the given day or just a quote I like to hold on to.

    "I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be." - Roald Dahl


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