Recompisition Log

  1. Recompisition Log

    Hey everyone,

    I have just received a few products from Nutri-verse following some of the great advice from the fantastic users I'm this forum I have decided to make a recomp log in hopes of not only tracking my progress but also keeping me accountable for the next 14 weeks.

    Current stats:
    5ft 8"
    I would guess maybe 16-18% bf

    Current Macros:
    2700 training days
    200g Protein
    250g Carbs
    100g Fat

    1900 Off days
    200g Protein
    100g Carbs
    80g Fat

    Current Stack:
    Alphamax XT
    Follidrone 2.0

    The products arrived mid afternoon so I broke my fast (currently following IF on working days Sun-Wed) with a buffalo chicken wrap so that I could take the products as I wasn't sure if they would have different effects if I had of took them on an empty stomach after a 16 hour fast.

    After about 10 minutes I started to feel a surge of energy, I can't pinpoint which supplement it could be as I took 2 of each with the wrap. Some tingling and "there's somethings happening" followed which had me thinking that this stack is strong.

    So once this calmed down I headed off to the gym and tonight's workout was as follows:

    Floor press 45lbs superset with bodyweight Press-Ups 3x12
    Resistance bands bench press 3x12
    Chest flye 20lbs 3x12

    Bent over row 120lbs 3x12
    Lateral Pull-down 3x12

    I had planned to do more for back and biceps but my forearms and biceps felt like they were properly fatigued and fully contracted so I'm hoping that is all that was needed for growth. I don't know if the products have caused any adjustments to how the workout could of went if I had not of taken them but overall I felt strong, focused and I could feel every contraction.

    I plan to follow this with a leg workout tomorrow and see if I feel the same way during that workout because if less is needed for more growth I will definitely not be complaining haha

    I apologise for the length of this post and I will endeavour to make futures posts shorter, I have just tried to include as much information as possible. Any questions, suggestions or advice will be met will appreciation; thank you to everyone who reads this post and follows me on my journey for the next 14 weeks.

    I have attached current photos below:

    (Left to right - untensed to tensed)

    Attachment 148125

    (Left to right in order, 1. Chest, 2. Arms, 3. Back untensed 4. Back tensed)

    Attachment 148126

  2. Following as this is almost what ill be running soon, and dont apologise for being detailed.

  3. Recompisition Log

    Subbed. Good luck m8

  4. Subbed! good luck man. Interested in FD2 myself after this cut.

  5. Day 2 and I've woke after a 7 hour sleep feeling full of energy, this would of been great if I had work a bit earlier but I wasn't needed until 12 so 3 hours of social media and research ensued lol I think if this is an everyday occurrence morning cardio shouldn't be a problem.

    Side note I have been using the bath room alot, I'm used to this with runs of Erase Pro + but this was something else, I'm putting it down to my body flushing excess niacin haha

    Up until now I've needed caffeine and nootropics to keep me alert and on point in both my jobs but today neither were needed which is astounding for me and definitely one of the best things I've noticed. I was sore from last nights chest workout but I've noticed that my mind muscle connection has been greatly enhanced to where contractions require less focus than before or it maybe that I'm more focused.

    So today was Leg day, I've been excited to try deadlifts since I ordered this stack and today didn't disappoint:

    Deadlift 3x12 160lbs
    Stiff leg deadlift 3x12 160lbs

    Bulgarian Split squats 3x12 30lbs
    Let extension machine 3x12 95lbs

    My legs could of pushed through to heavier sets but I don't want to push wrist wraps to lift more at the cost of missing out on increasing grip strength.

    Time was limited today but the things that shined through the most were:
    The matter of me matching my deadlift with a stiff leg straight after, muscle hardness which I noticed immediately upon waking (it could be just in my head but the skin feels tighter around the chest and arms after last night's workout), the toilet runs like clockwork every hour without fail and the all day energy and focus. All in all I'm excited to see what this stack with bring and I'm planning to run this stack for 8 weeks and then add in some products aimed more towards fat reduction, possibly swapping Slinmax for Assass1nate, dropping Alphamax XT and adding in Shift and Reduce XT.

    Thank you to everyone who has subbed, I will try to keep this updated as much as possible so you guys can get a good idea of the ins and outs of this run.

  6. Day 3

    Started off with some early morning cardio, HIIT on a spin bike and then onto 2 rounds of 3 minutes on the heavy bag. Some low intensity steady state thrown in after as active recovery but this one will be chalked down as a rest day.

    Food wise I'm not too concerned with carbs now as I would of been without slinmax and FD2 and I don't feel bloated or weighed down when I had 100g of oats this morning.

    Not too much happening to report on but I'm still excited to see what the scale will say and how the mirror will be looking next week. I'll update this post tomorrow, feeling some bodyweight stuff and maybe some light dumbbell time under tension sets.

  7. Day 6

    So with the weekend over I can now get back on track as I went out for my birthday with ones from work which resulted in too much alcohol and a very bad hangover haha

    I started taking the supplements again today, I'm not feeling any different except the lack of bloating from eating a lot of carbs. Decided to hit chest (it was suppose to be chest and back but another PT in my work decided to join in so it became a chest workout).

    Bench Press
    5x12 (Started at 90lbs rising to 135 pounds until I struggled to get 8 reps)
    3x12 Decline Bench 45lbs (Chest was on fire after the bench session)
    1x Pyramid set (Started 112.5lbs for 12 reps, 90lbs for 10 reps, 67.5lbs for 8 reps, 45lbs for 15 reps)

    And that was that, I followed this up with 2 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag and the day was done.

  8. Day 8

    So I've experienced a 3 pound loss in weight which is significant because I've been eating 2700 calories everyday and have not been eating the cleanest (I've just been making sure to hit my protein and calorie goals). I am mostly attributing this to FD 2 as none of the other supplements im taking have reviews stating anything like this.

    Deadlift/Back day

    Hex bar deadlift 7 sets total (Starting from 78lbs x 12 up to 225 x 5)
    Barbell lunges s/ seated row machine (B&B Lunges 67.5lbs and seated row 225)
    Lateral Pull-down s/ Dumbell row (Lateral PD 110lbs and Dumbbell row 28lbs)

    I loved this workout, although time was short it's the first time I've proper felt my back become sore.

  9. Day 9

    Having some sleep issues if I take FD 2 too late in the evening, but the libido increase has been really noticeable. Definitely slot going on but I feel the muscles getting fuller, No bloating with carbs and skin is starting to tighten up especially around the chest.

    Push Day
    Squats 4x12 157.5lbs
    Single leg squat machine 31.5 lbs
    (I've been trying to strengthen my right glute and hips/quads to stop my body from shifting to my stronger left side when going heavy on the squat)

    Bench Press 4x12 135lbs
    Dumbbell Press 3x12 45lbs
    Chest flye machine 4x12 67.5lbs (2 sets done on lower setting and 2 on the mid range setting)

    Arnold Press 3x12 15lbs
    Lateral raises 2x12 11lbs

    Tricep pushdown machine 2x12 135lbs

    I am really feeling my traps, back and hips after yesterday's workout but it's great to be back doing what I would consider a full proper training session. Really starting to see changes in my physique and I'll aim to get some update pictures up tomorrow.

  10. Day 10

    Not did I do a lot today haha started the day out with a deadlift and back session, it went as follows:

    Deadlift 4x12 (180lbs on final set with wraps)
    Deadlift 2x1 ( Tested my one rep, probably not the best time but I got 292.5lbs)
    Single leg deadlift w/ resistance band (Medium strength band to activate the glutes on my right side as I've been having issues)

    Bent over row 4x12 140lbs
    Wide grip pulldown 3x12 95lbs
    Wide dumbbell row 34lbs

    Dumbbell curls 3x12 18lbs
    Reverse row 3x12 34lbs
    21's 2 sets 22.5lbs

    After I got done with this I still felt like I had energy in the tank so I was planning some heavy bag sessions, but I got peer pressured into sparring. The guy is 6ft 9 to my 5ft 9 and 20st+ to my 12ish stone so you can guess how it went, we agreed no headshots but at the end I couldn't move my left arm haha.

    Then later I moved onto my regular Crossfit class that surprised us with a 1/4 mile run and it's safe to say I am now done and will probably feel like I am 90 years old tomorrow.

    So below I have attached update photo of the week and a half progress and I'll let you guys be the judge of any improvements:

    Left is last week and right is this week on the following

    Name:  PhotoGrid_1494022773699.jpg
Views: 88
Size:  442.3 KB
    Name:  PhotoGrid_1494022840835.jpg
Views: 123
Size:  421.4 KBName:  PhotoGrid_1494022896869.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  428.4 KB

    And below is my arms tensed:
    Name:  PhotoGrid_1494022927448.jpg
Views: 119
Size:  377.7 KB

    It's safe to say I am really happy with the progress so far in just over a week and I'm definitely excited to see what the next 3 will bring!

  11. The thinking affect of 2.0 is the biggest thing I noticed when I stacked it with AM.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Joe12 View Post
    The thinking affect of 2.0 is the biggest thing I noticed when I stacked it with AM.
    In what way did you notice it?

    I'm no longer needing Gingko biloba or nootropics and my mind muscle connection has been on point since I've started this stack.

  13. Day 13

    Started the day off with 10 minutes on the heavy bag, took all 4 supplements before this (2 slinmax, 2 alphamax, 2 trumulti, 1 fd 2), I felt focused and strong on the bag but afterwards I got strong sugar cravings akin to what I believe low blood sugar so I managed to get a strawberry flapjack and blueberry muffin. I've seen a few posts and threads stating this is a common thing if your carbs aren't on point with these products. Although I felt a bit weak starting my workout later in the day after taking 2 FD2, I'm considering using alphamax pre workout and just spacing FD2 over the day to combat this. So onto the workout:

    Push Day
    Squats: 3x12 (157.5lbs probably could of pushed this if I pre-carbed but because I felt weak I had to grab a chocolate brownie and a bottle of lemon ice tea)
    Single leg squat machine: 3x15 (63lbs a massive increase on leg strength on my right leg)
    Goblet squat 3x12 (56lbs superseted with chest flyes as a time saver)

    Bench 3x12 (146lbs last set seen a 11lb increase over last week)
    Incline Dumbbell Bench 3x12 (45lbs felt strong during these but my gym only has 45s or 55lbs no inbetween)
    Chest flyes 3x12 (27lbs, someone was using the 33lbs but I think this has gone up)

    Arnold Press 2x12 (18lbs shoulders are definitely growing)
    Lateral Raises 2x12 (11lbs superseted with the Arnold press)
    Bodyweight dips 2x12 (Superseted with Tricep pushdown)
    Tricep pushdown 2x12 (135lbs)

    I'm feeling stronger, more focused, more alpha, and leaner, definitely starting to feel the effects of these supps.


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