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    So, the title of the log is more in reference to the music I prefer as opposed to how much weight I lift. A little history about me...worked out for about 10 years, had a torn ACL near the end there, but lost my edge and had some personal things go a little awry. Took 3 years completely off before starting again which was about a year ago, but I've actually been serious about it for about 6 months now. I only workout twice a week, due to life circumstances, yet I've made great progress with it while losing 30lb over the past 6 months. This past week's workouts are as follows:

    Log Clean and Strict Press 6x135, 6x145, 6x155
    One Arm DB Snatch 5x5x70
    Standing 1-arm DB Press 3x5x70
    Upright Row 3x10x65
    Close Grip Pushup 4x10

    Olympic Deadlift 3x5x275
    Traditional Deadlift 3x315, 3x365, 2x385, 1x395
    "Farmer" Deadlift 5x8x290
    Pullups 12 singles

    I workout out in my backyard with equipment I bought when I was getting into Strongman training before the ACL injury.
    I'm weighing in around 238-242 and still losing. I'll probably go for another 20lb to lose before starting a clean bulk.

  2. Looks like you and I have pretty much the same body, eh? Lol I'm at around that weight too and I'm going to go down to 210 and then clean bulk to 225.

    Fricken love strongman, and you better believe I'm subbed for that.

    What kind of heavy metal? I'm into Norse Heavy Metal right now, or Pagan Death Metal (specifically amon amarth), but from there I'm pretty much 100% okay with anything heavy metal. Hardcore too. Hatebreed it up on dem OHP's, bRah.

  3. Right on man.
    I like all types of metal really, but mostly various forms of death and black, such as Old Man's Child, A Hill To Die Upon, Cannibal Corpse, Wintersun, Stormlord...but I also enjoy sludge like Eyehategod and Crowbar. But never hardcore

  4. Monday's workout was nothing to note due to getting sick.

    Today's workout:

    Power Clean and Strict Press 4x6x135
    Barbell Deadlift 5x3x365
    Hang Clean Pull 4x5x275
    Farmer Deadlifts 3x8x270
    Pendlay Row 4x6x135

    Felt like a decent workout, but weights are still suffering a little from that bug I had. First time trying Pendlay rows today and liked it. Need to master the form before going up too much in weight though. Also haven't done barbell overhead press in years which was nice. I'll be sticking with that for a while instead of the log press.

  5. That's the strong stuff, bud. Good for you.

  6. Today's workout:

    Power Clean and Strict Press 8x135, 6x145, 3x5x155
    1-Arm DB Snatch 3x6x70, 2x3x85
    Pullups 5x2xBW
    Upright Rows 10x75, 4x8x85
    Log Curl 4x4x95

    Great workout today.

  7. Weight this morning: 235lb

    Today's Workout:
    Traditional Deadlift 3x315, 3x365, 3x375, 2x385, 2x385, 1x385, 1x385
    Hang Clean Pull 5x5x275
    Farmer Deadlift 6x250, 6x300, 5x350, 4x400, 3x2x440
    Pendlay Row 4x5x145
    Weighted Pushups 4x6xBW+50lb

  8. Tuesday's Workout:

    Power Clean and Strict Press 8x135, 6x145, 6x155, 5x165
    DB Snatch 4x6x70
    Pull Up 8x2xBW
    Upright Row 10x65, 3x8x85
    1 Arm Standing Arnold Press 3x8x45

    Standing overhead press is going up nicely each workout. Nothing else really worth noting.

  9. you're lifting some heavy metal, Heavy metal! HAR HAR! Lol good workouts man. Standing 1 arm DB Arnold Presses. Wowza. Core work, man...core work.

  10. lol wowza!
    Thanks man. Yeah, I like the stuff that taxes everything; it's just so much more fun too.

    Yesterday's workout:

    Warm Up: Olympic Deadlift- top set 5x275
    Traditional Deadlift 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 x 365 (resets)
    Hang Clean Pull 5x5x225
    Farmers Walks 4x75ft x 250
    Pendlay Rows 3x8x135
    Weighted Pushups 3x6xBW+50

    Notes: I haven't done deadlifts with a pause in between each rep to reset in a while as I typically do touch'n go. I think I'll continue doing reset reps (what is that actually called?).

  11. Today's Workout:

    PC and Strict OHP 5x135, 5x145, 5x155, 5x165, 4x175, 3x175, 3x175
    1 Arm DB Snatch 2x6x70, 2x3x85
    Pull Ups 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2 x BW
    Upright Rows 10x65, 10x85, 2x8x95
    1 Arm Standing Arnold Press 2x10x45

  12. Weight, this AM: 234

    Traditional Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 x 365 (reset reps)
    Hang Clean Pull 5x225, 5x245, 5x255, 4x5x265
    Pendlay Row 8x135, 5x145, 5x155, 3x5x165
    Weighted Pushups 4x6xBW+50
    Power Clean 3x3x165

  13. Quote Originally Posted by GreenMachineX View Post
    I think I'll continue doing reset reps (what is that actually called?).
    It's called the deadlift! As in dead weight each rep! I would call the other: touch n go

    Subbed. Cool stuff.
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    It's called the deadlift! As in dead weight each rep! I would call the other: touch n go

    Subbed. Cool stuff.
    Ha! Well, guess you're right. Good stuff.

  15. Weight: 232

  16. Haven't updated this in a while...
    Weighed in today at 235.

    Yesterday's workout:
    Traditional Deadlift: Top Single 450
    Snatch-Grip Deadlift 3x5x325
    Standing OHP: 3x175, 3x185, 3x190, 2x195
    Seated Dumbbell OHP: 8x75s, 8x85s, 2x8x90s
    Upright Rows 4x10x80
    Pull Ups 4x4xBW
    Shrugs 4x6x320
    Overhead Cable Triceps Extension 3x6x110


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